The new fellatio-mimicing lollipop!

You guys seen these? It’s called a Fr-Ooze Pop. Made by Au’some Candies, apparently a mainstream novelty candy maker. Their offical page for it is HERE. But what they don’t make clear from the drawing there is this lollipop’s uncanny ribbed-dildo-like qualities… and not to mention the fact that you lick it, then you squeeze it, and goo comes out of a hole in the tip. WTF!!!

This page has some better photos of this apparent bj training tool.
And This page has a shot of the disturbing instructional label…

(I would have posted my own pictures of the one I had, but my cam’s broken and… I ate it. The candy, not the cam.)

Imagine my surprise when my ex roommate showed up at my door with one of these! I laughed my butt off, so I had to run out and buy one myself… Anyone else find this incredibly disturbing?! I’m gonna go get more tomorrow.

Do these come with the Harry Potter vibrating broom?

The perfect purchase to accompany the little ones’ first bras.

You have to admit that this would make for interesting conversation when you start licking on it during lunch break at work…

If I order them online, do you suppose they will arrive in a plain brown wrapper?

Practice makes perfect?? :smiley:

They’re very controversial in Singapore because of their phallic similarity.

The world would be a much more interesting place if it were obsessed with fellatio, no? Capitalism! Ya gotta love it!

Let’s start a pool on how long it’ll be before this little sweet will have its own Usenet binary group!


Someone should let Kay Kay’s secret santa know about this.

Speaking as a communist sympathiser, I say if it doesn’t work in a union, dig a hole in the ground and dispose of the bodies. Untidily of course.

I suggest a design improvement:

Make the candy covering thicker at the tip. Pump in the gooey stuff under pressure. The reward, after several minutes lcking and probing at the tip, is an explosion of sweet goo, and the deflation of the shell.

More realistic.

So, is it safe to swallow?

… and what I really want to know is what happens when the come out with - er, introduce, the versions that are filled with:

White chocolate
Banana cream

What’s the point, jmp, if you don’t swallow?


I don’t think we get those here in canada…

I foresee the next generation of women complaining that their boyfriends just don’t taste right.

A note on the flavors… I haven’t yet gotten up the courage to try the blue/purple one (whatever flavor it is), the color just seems… so unnatural… I had the orange-peach one yesterday (the instruction images were eerily flesh-colored)… today tried the strawberry and cherry ones. Yummy. :slight_smile: I may never go back to penis again! (surely there must be a man somewhere who’s disappointed at this… anyone? anyone?)

Well, AntaresJB, IMHO if this candy takes off, for every woman who gives up on penises, two or three others will be inspired to try them.

Oh my. That reminds me of the lollipop my mother bought for me when I was in the eighth grade. That was onlyu oddly shaped like a… well, you know. In fact, I made the perhaps unwise decision to bring it to school. It occasioned this comment from my friend Troy’s brother Todd and his friends:

:eek: Nope, definitely not! (and I was still sufficiently sheltered then to NOT know what they ewre referring to, though I had a vague idea)


Darn typos. Of course I meant “Todd” and “were” in my last post. Sigh… the war against the typo is never fully won, even if this did have a spellcheck program. goes off to inform Spoz of this post… and watches him run in horror away from her :stuck_out_tongue:

he has some kind of thing against spellcheck; I never quite figured out what