I give you... Edible Anuses!

Story here.

A British chocolate maker is selling chocolate assholes. Apparently molded from a live models sphincter. Bon appetit!

:dubious: Oookaaay.

This is one of those times you wonder why someone thought their brainstorm would be a good idea. Then you check the story, see that it’s selling well and wonder even more that it apparently was a good idea! :confused:

Bet it’s a hoot for the person those were modeled after, though.

“Eat my ass!”
“No really, here, have some, it’s delicious! Have some fudge to go with it…”

I worked in a meatpacking plant once and was interested to discover there’s a job that involves jamming one’s thumb into the pig assholes going by on the conveyor, cutting around them with a very sharp knife, pulling it out a little and cutting off the intestine, and deftly flicking it into a dedicated chute. What was at the bottom of the asshole chute in the basement of the plant, I never found out. They’re worth harvesting for something, though…

From the link in the OP:

…but that potentially disturbing item turns out to be a con:

Well, at least the chocolate anuses really are chocolate and really do look like anuses. Where does one go from here?

[spoiler] Chocolate Anuses – NOW! with Hemorrhoids!

Now I have to wash my brain out with bleach[/spoiler]

This gives a whole new meaning to “life is like a box of chocolates”.

It’s very important to me that the model be a male, but otherwise, I’m game. :wink:

Ha ha, good point. I’d hate to be the butt of the joke - eating another man’s ass.

I thought this might be the story about the making of fake calimari out of hog bung:


The ones with berries always get eaten last.

<pedantic hijack>

Shouldnt’ the subject line say “…Edible Ani!”?

</pedantic hijack>

Not to mention “cruising the Hershey highway.”:smiley:

I can see the magazine ads & billboards now:

A pretty smiling girl holds a chocolate up to the camera

Copy: “Kiss My Sweet Ass…!”

If they ever want to make a TV ad they just need to get in touch with the people who made the Cadbury’s Flake ads for the UK.

Nope. Neither is it campi or viri. I might give you a pass on cacti. Octopi is right out.

Since “anus” is an English word, I would preferentially use “anuses.” However, Merriam Webster, somewhat to my surprise, gives “ani” as an acceptable alternative plural in English. The plural in Latin is “ani.”

I heard an Ira Glass piece on This American Porcine Anus…er… This American Life on just this concept. Apparently the bung IS marketed as fake calimari.

I love me some fried calimari. It put me off my fave appetizer for more than 6 months. :eek:

I recently went back.I only buy from Green restaurants. I figure, they’d never swap out octopus. And besides, I adore the tentacles and they’re in NO way similar to porcine anal sphincter.

I’m no expert in latin. So OK, octopus -> octopodes cuz the “pus” is related to “pod” (feet), but wazzup with anus? It comes from the latin word anus. Similar with campus and virus. And radius. So what’s the rule for when a -us noun gets pluralized with an -i ending or a -uses ending?

It’s full of assholes?

As I posted, if Martian Bigfoot was implying that “ani” was an incorrect Latin plural, then he was wrong. Radii is the correct plural for radius, and is acceptable in English. The correct Latin plural for campus is campi, but this is never used in English and is not listed by Merriam Webster.

Virus, although ending in -us, has no true Latin plural. The only correct plural in English is viruses.

In short, I would not rely on a Martian for advice on correct Latin.:wink:

The Staff Report on Latin plurals by bibliophage gives more information.