This bunny is gross! :P

I bought myself an early Easter treat - namely, a white chocolate bunny.

However, I didn’t read the package closely enough, and it’s not white chocolate. It’s actually a Milk Flavored bunny.

Who the hell likes milk flavored bunny?!?!?

It’s nasty and gross. I can’t even eat it, and I can’t give it away.



Geez, that sounds … weird.

Bunnies MUST be chocolate if they plan to be eaten. White, milk, or dark chocolate doesn’t matter, but it at least has to be chocolate!

Incidentally, I saw enormous plastic yard-decoration bunnies made to look just like chocolate bunnies, and I want to get them and put 'em all over the yard.

If you’re in the market for one, “CURSE YOU MILK FLAVORED BUNNY!” would be a great sig line . . .

There’s just something fundamentally wrong about Alice_in_Wonderland wanting to eat the white rabbit…

so this is probably karma.

It’s really, really nasty.

It actually tastes like powdered milk. It smells like it too.

I hate it when my taste buds are prepped for one thing and they get something totally different. My Mom once gave my Dad an ice cream cone with mashed potato inside, hiding under the scoop of ice cream on top. If she’d given it to me, I woulda hurled.

Not to mention that a milk-flavored bunny sounds gross. I’ll keep a wary eye out for those. Thanks for the warning.

Well, I actually managed to give it away. However, the recipient isn’t particularly descriminating.

Gave it to the dog, huh, alice?

Actually I gave it to this guy named Paul.

He didn’t actually say it was good, but it wasn’t enough to induce vomiting for him so he decided to eat it.

Go figure.

Personally I thought it tasted like ass. Bunny ass, to be exact.

Must… not… ask…

Definitely karma. The white represents the ghosts of chocolate bunnies eaten in the past.

Well, she does have pet rabbits…

Something similar happened to me last year. Hubby thought he was being nice, but really it tasted like sweetened curdled powdered milk. Which I have tasted, unlike bunny ass.

Lindor makes white chocolate truffles that are good. I still have not found a white chocolate bunny.

BTW this thread should have a warning. I got contractions from laughing so hard and I have 5 more weeks before I am due.

This thread does have a warning. See where it shows what poster started the thread? Where, for this thread, it says “alice_in_wonderland”? That was the warning.

Next time cross your legs before opening an a_i_w thread.

Ya know Joey, I DO have bunnies…

A girl gets lonely sometimes you know… :smiley:

BTW - Sorry about that lee

Actually though, white chocolate is not scientifically chocolate. It does not come form cocoa beans.
Just a random fact!