What is a "Tea Party member"?

I’ve seen this phrase invoked in a number of threads here, and it currently gets (with quotes) 651,000 Google hits.

But what exactly makes a Party member? Showing up at any Tea-identified event? Simple self-identification from the recliner? If you were identified on interwebs as a Tea Party member, how could that be confirmed or denied?


Nothing bout guns. There should be something about packing heat at protests.

'Tea Party Member - 'a person whose interest in balanced budgets and small government began with the election of a black person to the Presidency.)

Isn’t there also two main branches of the Tea Party now? There may be more even, but last I heard they were throwing barbs at each other.

a person whose interest in balanced budgets and small government began with the election of a left of center President/Congress who ran the national debt up with little return for the money spent.

That, sir, is a nasty slur – Mr. Bush was not left of center.

Of that we agree.

The correct answer is anyone that opponents of the movement can tie to it for as long as they believe it advances their beliefs in doing so.

Let me know when we elect one of those, then.

Just in case this was supposed to refer to the current president and Congress, what we have to show for Obama’s relatively modest portion of the debt was the averting of the second Great Depression, the end of the recession, and a return to positive jobs creation.

To paraphrase Co. Jessup, “I would rather you said thank you, and went on your way. Otherwise I suggest you pick up a ballot and
vote for a party whose economic principles aren’t guaranteed to skull-fuck America every time they are implemented. Either way, I don’t give a damn about what your little tea party thinks it is entitled to.”

This. Also anyone whose opponents think it’s insulting to call them a member.

Do you guys think that the nasty Libruls just made up the “Tea Party” protests so that they could have someone to point and laugh at?

Did they also infiltrate them with pretend protesters who came up with nuggets like “the government should keep it’s hands off my medicare”?

In point of fact, I was a member of a tea party. Last week my daughter did the whole little girl fake tea party thing, with her (plastic) tea party set and lots of stuffed animals (I sat next to the otter and Baby Beluga, a rather tattered white stuffed beluga…it was really a place of honor, considering those are two of her favorites). It’s just one of the many indignities that fathers occasionally have to endure for the sakes of their large glistening eyed little girls when they ask it…
Oh, wait…did you mean some other tea party??


To paraphrase a time honored political saying, “it’s the economy stupid”. Unemployment is rising despite spending trillions of dollars. The pork laden spend-fest did little for the economy. You don’t have to worry about people picking up ballots in the next election.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, there’s very little evidence that the bailout had much effect, other than bloating the public sector payroll. Private sector job creation is stalled out. Certainly there’s no evidence that the ‘multiplier’ occurred as predicted.

Last month, Canada created almost as many jobs as did the U.S., despite being 1/10 the size. And our ‘stimulus’ was a small fraction of the size of the U.S’s.

And evidence is continuing to mount that the health care bill is a disaster that is harming job creation and now appears to increase the cost curve, rather than slowing it.

Well done, Democrats.

So, what’s a tea party member? Someone who opposes this stuff and is taking a stand against it.

As for these people being silent when Bush was in office - I guess you weren’t paying attention, because Bush’s approval ratings towards the end of his presidency were so low that really it represented little more than the religious right and dogmatic Republican supporters. The Tea Party people opposed Bush as well. They just weren’t as vociferous about it, for the same reason Democrats have shut up about gay marriage, Guantanamo Bay, Miranda rights, warrantless wiretapping, the Patriot Act, the war in Iraq, and all the other things they marched against when Bush was in office, and which continue almost unchanged under Obama: You don’t have much to gain marching against your own side when you perceive the alternative to be worse.

I thought tea partiers weren’t Republicans.

You’re not seriously suggesting that calling a member of the/a Tea “Party” (and now apparently we need to add Organization/Movement too) a Tea Party member is insulting because member has another, unrelated, meaning, right?

Would calling someone “a member of The Tea Party Movement” be doubly insulting (since movement also has another, unrelated, meaning)?

Please, tell me I’ve been whooshed.

CMC fnord!

Depends heavily on your use of the term ‘member’, I suppose…


Well, even your corrected version is still hypocritical, since it means they aren’t concerned when their side is running up the deficit and expanding the government, but only using the platform as a bullshit excuse to make partisan strikes against the other side.

So, uh, yeah, let’s be generous and assume you’re right and assume they are just dipshit partisan hypocrites instead of dipshit partisan hypocrite racists. I’m mostly ok with that.

You didn’t have to be a Republican to realize that Barack Obama would be worse than George Bush or John McCain. Hell, I’m not even American and I could have told you that. In fact, I did.