What is actually meant by "input" on an

off-board project?

Can someone clear up what exactly “input into off-board projects” means for me? I thought it meant asking questions like "Can someone please give me characters for my comic/play/story please?"or basically phrasing your question in a way that suggests you want someone to do all the work for you.

Thing is I’ve come across threads where a poster says "Could someone please critique my story"and the thread was locked. But I’ve also come across the same type of thread where it seemed someone just did it without noting that they got permission. So does input also include asking for critiques? I have the first few pages of a fantasy novel I’m working on as a side project on Google Docs and I’m thinking of posting the link for a good critique (I’ve been looking at it and thinking “What the hell were you thinking? This is totally convoluted”) and I want to know if I can just post it or whether it would count as input and so mean I needed permission.

Go for it.

As far as the other examples are concerned, I can’t comment without knowing the specifics.