What is Apple Arcade?

I bought a new MacBook Air a couple weeks ago and apparently I’m eligible for 3 months free of Apple Arcade. Is it worth it? I’m totally in the Apple universe, iPhones iPad MacBook

It’s a subscription service for a smallish subset of games from the App Store. Didn’t see the value for the iPad or iPhone, but if you’ve got 3 months free give it a shot.

I subscribed for a while. I liked the idea of getting access to a library of games for my mobile device without micro transactions or other tiresome gimmicks you find with most mobile games.

The problem was that I just didn’t find the games all that fun and didn’t spend much time playing them, so I dropped it. A free trial subscription is a great thing because you will get a chance to see if they’re for you. Just because I didn’t care for them doesn’t mean you wouldn’t.

Are there any games that my 7 year old nephew might like?

There’s quite a variety so I imagine there will be. It depends on what kinds of games exactly he likes. A lot of them are kid-friendly.

Hmm… Looking over current Apple Arcade games in the App Store I’m tempted to try it out again.

It has a good amount of relatively casual games. Whether it’s worth it or not depends on your gaming habits. I subscribed for a little while when I was between PS4 games but canceled when I realised I wasn’t using it much. I’d definitely try the free trial and see how it goes.

I think you can get it cheaper bundled with Apple TV and iTunes if you happen to already use those.