What is Billy Carter doing nowadays?

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Is it possible to tell human and simian DNA apart?
the question is:
SDSTAFF Karen asks:
What is Billy up to these days?

Assuming she means Billy Carter, he has taken up farming.
What, more peanuts? No. Cotton.
His last bit part in a movie was in 1997. He no longer
owns the gas station.

Really? I could have sworn he was dead.

Oh, here we are:

If he’s dead, then it’s a safe bet that he no longer owns the gas station.

Sadly, the gas station and a hound dog called “Festus” are still tied up in probate. Festus keeps trying to chew his way out…

Everyone else in Jimmy Carter’s family (both his parents, his brother, and both sisters) is now dead, and they all died of pancreatic cancer: