What is Chinese Rock?

I was listening to some punk music today and heard the song “Chinese Rock”. I realized that while I had been hearing the song for years and knew it was about drugs, I didn’t know what specific drug it was. What is Chinese Rock? Heroin? Crack? Something else?

Or am I totally wrong and the singer’s just really into General Tso’s Chicken?

It’s heroin- check out this interesting Wikipedia article on it.

It’s also Chinese people trying really hard to approximate western rock and failing. See also: Chinese hip-hop.

As opposed to Japanese hip-hop and rock, which is pretty well established by now and generally pretty decent (and i’m sure **Dragonash ** would agree with me).

The original name is actually “Chinese Rocks” and goes “I’m living on Chinese rocks”. Maybe it was changed to the singular when the Ramones recorded it so it sounds less drug related. Either version of the song is great.