What is cltmng, and is it bad?

What is cltmng? Do I need it on my computer, or can I delete it?

I have no personal knowledge, but a quick google search indicates that it is very bad.
There are sites that tell you how to go about removing it.
Good luck.

I did a Google search, but not all websites that came up in the search seemed to say it was bad. (This websitedoesn’t seem to say that it’s bad, for example.)

So I was just wondering if I could remove cltmng without screwing up my computer.

The site you linked to was the second site on the google search result page, and would not open for me neither when I found it or through your link.
However, not that I read each one of the google results, it seems to be the only result that does not have the words “bad” or “dangerous” or “virus” in the preview (which doesn’t mean that those words don’t exist a few lines further down in the page).

So I would go with the majority of the results.