What is Firefox?

Ok, so what is Firefox? Some kind of OS? :confused:

It’s a browser, like Internet Explorer.

Read this for information.

It is another browser, like Internet Explorer.

so is google’s “Chrome”

And Safari, Opera, OmniWeb and Camino, along with many, many others.

It is the most sophisticated [del]warplane[/del]browser ever built. Though to use it, you have to think in Russian.

Вы выигрываете нить.

It’s supposed to be “you win the thread”, but the translator used the word for string.

That’s hilarious.

I mean, that’s exactly what a Russian would say: “You win this…how do you say?..String!”

No, it’s my only friend.

Ah. I thought it was going to be asking what the mascot is, which is the red panda.

In Soviet Russia, string win you!

Also, there’s thing called Google, which when you type in the name of a product and hit search, provides links to lots of sites with information about it.

I see you’re unfamiliar with Jinx…


Just wow.

It’s not your only friend!
But it’s a little glowing friend.
But really it’s not actually your friend.

Isn’t Firefox’s mascot… the fox?
I just looked on the Mozilla site and I see no pandas there.

Red Panda

Firefox Logo

Is this a whoosh? The logo looks more like a fox made out of fire, curled around a planet.

“Firefox” is the literal translation of the Chinese word for a red panda.

On the other hand, I’m not sure that the people who made the web-browser knew that, so the actual image on the logo still might be meant to be a fox.

It is actually meant to be a red panda. Link.

And I didn’t think ‘firefox’ was actually the literal translation of red panda, though I don’t speak Chinese so I couldn’t say for certain (online dictionaries don’t seem to think so).