What is Gaudere's Law?

I’ve seen a few references around the boards to something called “Gaudere’s Law”. From the context in which it was used, I think it has something to do with grammar and/or spelling. I know that it predates my time on the board (as does the “Cool Band Name Thread” thing, and many other in-jokes), but what I would like to know is just what “Gaudere’s Law” is, and what are the penalties for flagrant violations of that law. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Gaudere’s Law: A post that points out a typo or grammatical error will itself contain a typo or grammatical error.

Ah, one of those “Murphy’s Law”-like things. Thanks.

I don’t think the hyphen was necissary, was it?

< groan >

For a more in-depth discussion of board law’s, see this classic thread:

Gaudere’s Law my ptootie!