Gaudere's Law

I read The Straight Dope message board and columns (along with, of course) extensively at work, and twice tonight I have read the phrase “Gaudere’s Law.” I was unable to locate the phrase anywhere else, so I’m assuming it’s native to this mb. I would appreciate knowing what this is in reference to.

Welcome to the SDMB! A quick archive search gave these threads, one of which is the origin of Gaudere’s law:


Thanks, Arunja. 10 minutes at 1 o’clock A.M. Not bad. Not bad at all. I attempted an archive search, but found nothing. Perhaps I had it narrowed down to just a certain forum. Oh well, I’ll learn.

Arjuna :cool:. Sorry, like I said, it’s 1 o’clock here.

uh… shouldn’t that be “grammatical error”? :smiley: