What is George Hamilton famous for?

I looked him up on IMDB, and can’t figure it out. Anyone from his heyday have an idea?

“For being famous.”

It’s a well-known Hollywood joke.

Well, he was a pretty-boy actor in the early '60s, and he dated one of LBJ’s daughters . . . I also understand he’s a very nice guy, for what that’s worth.

He’ll always be Bunny Wigglesworth to me.

His tan.

For being well-tanned and staring in some funny movies. Love at First Bite was pretty good, as well as Zorro, the Gay Blade quoted above.

Oh, he was a better actor than that!

I recall the story he tells about coming to Hollywood from wherever he grew up and immediately renting a Rolls Royce. He wanted to be a player in the worst way, and since anyone who was anyone drove a Rolls he did too.

He was also married to Alana Hamilton, who was the ex-wife of Rod Stewart.

In Doonesbury, Zonker Harris attended the “George Hamilton Invitational” tan competion.

I first “remembered” him from the Evel Knievel movie. I think his comedic–and self-parodying–career started taking off with the Gay Blade and Love at First Bite roles.

George Hamilton isn’t much of a celebrity, I grant you, but he HAS starred in some high-profile films.

What’s MORE amazing than HIS staying power and “celebrity” status is that of his ex-wife Alana. I mean, he’s a has-been, but I understand why he was once famous. HER only claim to fame is that she was once MARRIED to a has-been.

"Creatures of the night… SHUT UP!!!

He is famous for being famous, a true Hollywood invention.

And he’s been doing it for years.

I find it hard to believe that IMDB had nothing listed for him. YOu might try again.

“Two fruits, a vegetable, and a flower.”


You’ve never seen Your Cheatin’ Heart??

Godfather III

Just kidding, folks. He’s famous for being famous and for having a tan.

Oh, for goodness sakes, he’s appeared in 89 movies—what’s he got to do to get famous?

And don’t forget his Emmy-winning performance in the classic mid 90s series Jenny.

I’m guessing the OP meant that he had looked over GH’s resume and found nothing that jumped out as a breakthrough role. I looked, and I sure didn’t.

Plus, there was that Sizzle ‘n’ Stir ad with Mr. T, Loni Anderson and Mary Lou Retton. Made me want to buy stir fry.

Some of those citations are for various TV series that appear to be soap operas. I’d say that should add to his fame/recognizability (I think that’s a word). It’s interesting that he was playing himself as early as 1964. Lends some credence to the “famous for being famous” idea.