What is going on in 9 Chickweed Lane?

The wango-tango storyline has been going on all week, and it LOOKS like Seth is taking a non-dancing interest in Whatshername. Do you think he is, or are we just being teased?

That’s the uncomfortable feeling I’ve had since the storyline started.

Actually, while I wasn’t expecting Fernanda to be involved (though honestly, I should have), I was expecting something similar since Mark blabbed to Edda about Seth’s crush on the cello-woman.

Barring a reversing reveal tomorrow or Monday, looks like we’re right. I Do Not Approve.

So, basically, she made fun of him for being gay, and to get her back for that, he f-cked her. McEldowney’s reasoning can be difficult to follow sometimes.

It’s part of a longer arc. Seth was preachy, re. Edda’s uncle, about who is and isn’t “really gay” and what obligations come with being honest about one’s sexual orientation. Now Seth is in a situation where those boundaries and obligations don’t clearly apply. The next part of the arc will be Edda’s uncle scrapping his marriage, being unhappily gay and single, and everybody blaming Seth for poking his nose where he shouldn’t have. This will probably drag on for the better part of a year.

His nose?

Bonus points if Fernanda gets pregnant and screws up her career in the process; now Seth is a mostly-gay daddy too.

Extra bonus points if the characters/McEldowney try to justify the boinking as being different because they are Beings of Pure Art and common standards do not apply to them.

It’ll be worth it if we get to see Edda lose her shit over not being the one that Seth switched teams for. As much as she claims to be in love with [del]the strip creator’s avatar[/del] Amos, she’d jump Seth’s bones in front of Amos if he ever showed the slightest interest.

The thing I liked about Edda and Seth was their quiet, ordinary roommate relationship (with Mark, Seth’s partner, and the hideous Amos, Edda’s boyfriend, to take the stink of sexual tension out of the situation)… I think there’s a possibility Fern might become pregnant, and that’s going to be OK with Seth, who would like to have a kid (as in one nightmarish, quickly dropped storyline, Seth was toying with the idea of asking Edda to be a surrogate mother). I can see that storyline dragging on for a good long time!.. But I would hope Edda would just be a highly interested yet bemused spectator and NOT turn into a blithering idiot ‘because she had the hots for Seth all this time, and look what he did, choosing another girl instead of meeee!’ THAT would be truly disappointing and really repulsive.

They still haven’t resolved the current pregnancy. We don’t need another one.

McEldowney’s working my last nerve, is what’s going on in 9CL…

You (and everyone else who mentioned this) wins a point. Seth waxes poetic in today’s strip about having kids (and a nice house with some dogs).

I guess it will be fun to watch Seth’s reaction when he gets confronted with how he treated Edda’s uncle.

Wait…Sister Defrockula is STILL pregnant?!

“My sexuality is nobody else’s business… Everyone else’s sexuality, on the other hand…”

I’m still surprised he came out of the post-Fernanda Edda Confrontation with all of his limbs intact. That girl’s been playing the Bad Fag Hag Game in her head for years now, hoping for a chance to take it live.

She was last time we saw her. With a baby, not a cockroach, thanks to Thorax talking Monty out of his idea.

Hasn’t it been something like 2 years since she “caught”, so to speak? At least 1, surely?

ETA: Hell, “My Grandma Was A Nazi-Spying Whore!” lasted something like 9 months alone!

Only in real time. In comics-time that lasted about a week.