What is happening in this picture?

Recently, some friends and I saw this picture.

Since then, I’ve searched for it using Tineye, descriptive phrases in Google and Bing, and by emailing the CIA to see what they think.

Anyway, no luck. Does anyone here know?

I would say air raid or invasion drills in Britain during WWII, but that’s just a guess.

Yes, I’d think it’s war related too. Oh my gosh, they’re moles sent to spy on the British.

Braaaiiiiinnnnssssss! Brrrraaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnnnsssssssss!

Cheerio, a piece of candy! Cheerio, a piece of candy! Cheerio, a piece of candy! …

Well, there’s no shadow which means spring is almost here!

Where did you find the pic?

It’s a device for making people working class.

It’s a British storage device for their functional but loony citizens, aka a “twit pit.”

I have no idea. It’s from a library of thousands of pics I’ve collected over the years. In my younger days, I was remiss in documenting and bookkeeping.

“Liam, I’m rarely wrong about these things… I think I smell a trap!”

Attempt to explain the Grassy Knoll Theory?

“I say, old chap, might you toss me a round of toilet paper?”

It’s the original Whac-A-Mole.

They’re not merely moles, they’re molemen!

The real mystery is that when I when I went to save it I discovered the title. thetwomen.jpeg. what the hell is up with that? Did you title it? If so why that title?

“the two men” (not “the t women”). I’d guess it was from a caption contest.

The René Magritte Society are finally ready to take over.

Seriously, maybe it’s holes for hunting or something like that?

I read it as “thet women”.

I initially thought the same, but the background suggests that it’s an urban scene, and the setting looks like a park. And further, did British gentlemen go hunting in a bowler, smoking a pipe? (Now the lad in the background, he really looks like a hunter)