What is it about Fire Fighters?

In defense of cops (Dad was one for 35 years) they’re not there to fine you and cause stress. They are there because someone probably has broken the law and endangered other, innocent people. If you get fined it’s because of what you did.

But yes, police officers have the power to detain people. They can change lives with a twitch of a finger. They have awesome power and repsonsibility and, unfortunately, a few of them use the power without exercising responsibility, and that has won them no friends.

pets the EMT’s There, there, you guys are hot, too. Interesting that you both have “cat” in your names, I guess you can’t be all bad.

I knew a fireman. I joked about having a fireman fetish, then 9-11 happened and it seemed everyone had a fireman fetish. He said people were always bringing them stuff and the flirting was much more obvious. He was not in New York. Did any of you notice it become more common after 9-11?

Yeah, I’ve noticed a difference after 9-11, a lot of the FF’s have as well.

And props to the EMS guys, for real. My SO tells me stories about what they do and have to go through, and how dangerous it is, stuff most people don’t think about. He has major respect for those guys. They don’t get as much as they deserve, tbh.

I was with my guy before he had even applied to be an FF, so I was never drawn to the FF thing in the first place. But I guess those FF calendars and auctions don’t help, eh? Also, afaik, they have to maintain a certain level of fitness and most halls require a certain amount of PT every day, so they stay nice and fit.

I think it’s a lack of fear, from firefighters. Pretty much anyone who’s not afraid is a couple of notches sexier, in my book.

Because of the fires.

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Offering up an anecdote from when I was living in Chicago - Firefighters and EMTs were the hot young bucks in amazing shape with muscles for days. Cops were the middle-aged guys that have seen the empty insides of way too many Dunkin Donuts boxes.

Who would you rather fantasize about?

Cops are there to help you in the middle of the night when a drunk strikes your car. Cops are there when your child gets lost one day. Cops are there to come to your door and tell you someone in your family has died. Cops are there to rush you to the hospital, to handle traffic when there’s an accident in the road. Cops are there when someone has committed a crime and needs to be caught. Cops are there when some idiot is threatending people with a gun, when some child has been brutally raped, when a domestic dispute has occured. Cops risk their life more in a month than most people do in a lifetime.

Here is what a cop I know did yesterday. Yes, the van driver is probably going to get fined and is stressed.

Selfless heros.

Big manly man putting themselves into danger.

Hauling around those big hoses.

All grimy and sweaty after working a big fire.


Grimy and sweaty. Did I mention this? Somehow this works in firemen; not so much with any other profession. Grimy sweaty banker? No thanks, run like hell.

Uniform. Boots. Holding the hat. Rumpled mussed-up hair with little rivulets of sweat and/or water dripping down.


(I feel pretty much the same about police; I don’t know too many EMTs so can’t say, but I do greatly respect them also. There’s just something special about firefighters.)

Come on now, the thread is about the sexual appeal of firemen. There’s no need for a pissing contest about which occupation faces the most danger.

Yes, I said firemen. Nobody here seems to be making the claim that female fire fighters, or firewomen, are particularly sexy.

I was a woman in uniform (in the Army) for several years, and I didn’t get any extra play. You don’t see me boo-hooing about it.

To continue in the spirit of the thread, way back a million years ago I was an art student in college, taking a life drawing class. We got a variety of models, and most often it was someone middle-aged and not in great shape. One day we got this youngish man, probably mid-thirties to mid-forties, with a really nice shape and really nice muscles, and with a thick, fireman moustache. He was unclothed. Nevertheless, my classmates and I took it for granted that he was a fireman, and referred to him as ‘the fireman.’ Guess what: he was a fireman.

I was in the local Panera having lunch one afternoon recently. I had a clear view of the line from where I was sitting, and it was the height of the lunch hour, so it was pretty long.

In walk four firefighters, and they get in line. Every single one of them stood head and shoulders above everyone else in the line.

Incredible. I couldn’t help getting giggly.

And if that’s not sexy, I don’t know what is.

Because they show up at my house early in the morning, two of them, looking all studly, and asking if they can please come in to push my buttons. I mean, my smoke detector’s buttons.

This really happened. The only reason I knew it wasn’t a porno dream was because my hair would have been combed and I would have been wearing sexier underwear.

Oh, I just remembered something my fireman friend told me. He said if they get caught in the altogether when the alarm goes off, like if they’re in the shower or changing, they just jump into their turnouts naked. giggle Gives you something to think about next time you see some firemen heading toward a fire.

I was surprised to learn fairly recently that the people sent out on medical 911s are often the same people sent out on fires; the whole EMT service now seems to be an arm of the FD, or vice-versa. I found that out when we had to call 911 for my mother and the guys who arrived were in full firefighter gear.

Regarding the OP, perhaps another factor is the kind of danger they face in their work. Fire is our oldest technology but also the object of one of our oldest and most primal fears; it can still bring down our grandest structures and kill us in the process.

Or the big hoses.

I think it’s a number of factors, but the main one is the perception that they do whatever they need to do to get the job done and they use brute force to do that.

Police is though of as too bound by and restricted by laws. EMT’s is though of as too much brain work, too technical.

There was an extraordinarily muscular model at our school, name of Dexter, who aspired to firefighting (he was probably still a student while posing for us). IIRC from the grapevine a while later, he did get in. He didn’t quite have that special firefighter moxie when I was drawing him, but he did have chutzpah - Dexter was rather famous for walking the halls in between classes with his robe flapping wide open.

Not that anyone complained.
Construction workers sometimes have that “brute force + grime” appeal, particularly carpenters and iron workers.