What is it about Lik-a-stix?

You know what these are…the pouches of flavored sugar with a sugar stick attached - you lick the stick and then dip it in the flavored sugar. As I sit studying for finals and trying one of these things, my initial reaction is “Oh my God - who came up with these things and why? To put a significant percentage of the American population into diabetic shock so they could then take over the world?” If anyone out there can explain what the draw of these horrible things is…please post a response. I’d attribute it to the usual candy industry wish to get kids all hyped up, but these are above and beyond anything I’ve tried.

Did you ever eat Kool Ade from the package? Or just eat sugar packets or sugar cubes? I think that’s the same kind of thing.

Another candy I don’t understand: The tongue licker candies. Have you seen these things? There was one for the Star Wars movie that was Jar Jar. Its jar jar’s face, and you press this lever and his mouth opens. His tongue sticks out and that’s the candy! It was sick!


French kissing Jar Jar? I’ll take the zero, thanks.

Like most candies, they exist because they taste good and people buy them. Health Schmealth.

On a personal note, I never liked the candy stick. Once the powder was gone, they went in the trash…

Yeah, the stick tastes like crap. That’s why I prefer Pixie Stix: All the sugar, no mess and no nasty stick.

I love the stick.
I love pixie sticks.
I love Kool Aid Sandwiches.
I often eat sugar packets.

Lik-a-stix is one of the greatest candies ever made.
Pez is good too.



As for why they make them? Uh, I’ve got three real good reasons at home. And they all loved the tongue candy thing and any other freakish marketing ploy thrown in their path. I know they think, “Cool! The powder stuff sticks onto my SPIT on the stick! Gross! I want it!” And I buy it for them…says a lot for me. But then again, I was the one who was mad when they quit making the wax pop bottle candy with the sugar water inside. Way too easily amused…

I absoulutly love lik-a-stix, AND the stick. The kind that changes from blue to green (or is it the other way around) mystifys me, because they say that it is green apple flavored, but when it reaches your saliva it turns into blue raspberry flavored. How do we know that it is truly green apple if it immediatly turns into blue raspberry?

Oh dear…

Please seek help!


Lik-a-stix!! The feltching tool for the NEW millennium!!

I would think that the tongue candy would be great for that as well. :eek:

Actually I don’t believe they ever said that it was supposed to be the green apple flavor before you put it in your mouth. I believe it was just green and then it turned blue in your mouth and it was the blue raspberry flavor either way.

What the hell is wrong with you people? You don’t like the stick???

That is the best part of the lik-a-stix! I used to buy them and just eat the stick.

Jeesh! If any of you don’t want the stick, pop it in the mail to me, and I’ll eat it.

Oh, my…I personally love Pixy Stix. They fueled many a Quiz Bowl game for my team - I won’t tell you about the time that one of my older teammates snorted them, though - that’s a bit too graphic :slight_smile:

GreenBean, I’d send you the stick from my packet, but I already licked it…sorry. That’s the nastiest part of the whole deal…it doesn’t quite taste like pure sugar. Looks more like pure NutraSweet or Equal. gag

I still buy them when I think of them and eat it. And the stick is the best part as well! I hate it when it breaks though before you get it. Thats just annoying.

I’m also the type who eats sugar cubes and kool-aid mix… though your lips and hands get pretty colourful that way.

But then again, I was the one who was mad when they quit making the wax pop bottle candy with the sugar water inside. Way too easily amused…

I remember seeing those somewhere recently, but I don’t remember where.