What IS It About Some People?

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Several years ago, I was working in a Stop-N-Rob™, when a car pulled up. A woman steps out, and suddenly, I’m filled with the raging hormones of an adolescent. She wasn’t particularly beautiful, nor was she wearing anything revealing, just a sweatshirt and a pair of shorts, and yet, there was something about her, that set me “a humming” as it were. She came into the store, walked up to the counter, asked for a pack of cigarettes, and walked out. Not once did she have a flirty remark or look. From subtle cues, I thought it possible that she was gay, but there was nothing conclusive.

At first, I thought that it was just the fact that I hadn’t been laid in a while, and that was all there was too it (still, I didn’t get that aroused when a scantily clad, highly attractive female walked in and flirted a bit with me). Then, one night a married coworker was in the store when the woman pulled up. My coworker looked at me and said, “Oh, God! You wait on her!” And walked off. After the woman left, my coworker walked up to me and said, “I don’t know what the hell it is about her, but she makes me horny as hell.” I said that she made me feel the same way, and I didn’t know what caused it either. Couldn’t have been pheromones, because I had my first reaction to her, before she was ever in the store. The only remarkable thing I did notice about the woman, was that she had great skin tone, but that took me scanning her for a long time, and looking for something that might be triggering my reaction to her.

Tonight, I’m working at a different Stop-N-Rob™, when an older woman comes in. She’s definately past her prime and wears too much make up, but she got the same kind of reaction out of me. This one, however, was actively cultivating such a reaction out of me, and even though she was old enough to be my mother, still had my hormones hammering away like I was a teenager.

How is it that either woman can have such an effect on people? The first one, if she was anyone else, you’d have never paid much attention to her by her actions. The second one, should have had a man my age feeling uncomfortable, and not wanting to be there, but she didn’t. In fact, I rather enjoyed the way she got me steamed up. So what is it? Any guesses, folks?

Many years ago in Florida, I went to this bar and the gal behind the bar had the same effect on every guy there. She was considerably older than I was. I even went back to the same bar to see her and that time after again being excited by her I took a closer look and then wondered "WHY?". I never went back, but note that after many years I still remember her.


Or very small demons. Blaming small demons for most things is usually a safe bet. Them and elves.

it was probably something biological. WHen you meet someone of the opposite sex, you are exchanging info about your immune systems w/o knowing it (probably via glands, i am not sure). People unconsciously seek out mates who have immune systems that compliment their own (so they will have healthy children). That, or something along those lines, was probably the cause.

Sad thing is, if it were true that your immune systems were a good match she may have been feeling the same way about you.

Tuckerfan do these women both have similar characteristics? IE, both tall, brunette, whatever?

It may be a combination of something that you find attractive with the woman with the environment (ie the women acted agressively while buying Twinkies). If your coworker felt it, though, then I would be more inclined to report just an aberration of one really good-looking woman.

In keeping with the hopes of all young males out there, though, I will say :“CHICKS DIG BEER!!!”

Nada, nothing in common whatsoever. In fact, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the first woman was a lesbian. There was something about her bearing which leaned that way, but nothing that absolutely confirmed it. And she wasn’t good looking, really, rather plain.

And Drastic it couldn’t have been pheromone based as it hit me as soon as she got out of the car! Well before she walked the ten feet or so necessary to reach the store. So, unless pheromones can travel just under the speed of light, slip through a closed door, and find their way up to my sinus cavity, it wasn’t them that caused the attraction to the first woman.

I think we have an instinctive pattern recognition. I can spot an attractive female walking down the street from farther away than I can determine any details. So, my guess would be body language/shape.

Not sure, but a few months ago, in the Detroit airport, I was minding my own, waiting for my plane, and this woman sat down a few rows away from me.

I don’t know what it is, but I couldn’t NOT look at her. Was she beautiful? I don’t know. I wasn’t within smelling range of her. But there was something about her that just grabbed me. I likes to look at the pretty ladies, but this was beyond that. I’m incredibly shy, but if I weren’t also incredibly married I think I would have HAD to go over and say something to her. It was the damndest thing.

Hit refresh too soon and wanted to add: when her plane eventually arrived and she left, I had this strange feeling of loss, like it was hopelessly tragic that she was no longer in my life - this person I’d never seen before that day. Weird.

Not to read too much into this or incur the wrath of the feminist movement, but I have an interesting anecdote to share that this reminded me of.

My husband and I met through work. He got the job through a mutual friend of ours. The moment I saw him, there was just something about him. I couldn’t place my finger on it, didn’t know what it was. I’d never even spoken to the man before, but I found myself going in on my days off just to find an excuse to be in his presence. He seemed equally as keen on me.

We ended up spending a lot of time together, but it wasn’t quite romance at first. That’s because each of us thought the other was gay. I can’t say that there was any overt reason for either of us to believe this (well, maybe my shaved head contributed to it) but it was just a vibe we got from each other. When we finally realized that we were each interested in the same thing – each other – there were sparks!

What this means, I don’t know for sure, but I think that it may have to do with a certain level of confidence and comfort in your sexuality that shows in your demeanor. Most of my friends in high school were lesbian, and they always seemed to be much more at ease with their physical appearance and their sexuality because of the soul searching they’ve done regarding their sexual nature.

I think often the people we have such a visceral reaction to are those that display confidence and understanding of their sexual nature. On a gut level, I think we react negatively to those in whom we see any manifestation of insecurity or desparation, no matter how physically attractive. Confidence is beautiful, man.