What is it? Is there not ENOUGH war?

That we must battle against ourselves people? Men are pigs, women are oogy, women are cruel, insatiable and bitchy, men smell and are mean…


I would like to jump in here and say:

I am a Woman and I Love Men

My GOD I love men. I love how they look, their arms. I love good trapezius muscles and jaws and six pack abs. And I also love big cuddly guys, big teddy bears, gigantic and huggy that make me feel small.

I love resting my head on guy’s chests when they hug me and smelling their sweaters. I love men’s shoes and haircuts. I love seeing men fresh out of the shower with wet hair, or right in from the football game, covered in mud.

I love hearing men laugh, or explain something I don’t understand (my husband helped me learn how to knit last night). I love having men help me. I can do a lot of stuff myself, but sometimes I can’t carry a heavy box, and I love when a big strong man says “I’ll take that for you”.

I love kissing men and having them touch my face with their rough fingers. And of course, having sex with men, well that’s the best.

and you know what?

I also love women

I don’t fit into the traditional woman mold, and I’ve been told that I don’t really ‘act like a woman’, but man I love 'em. I love a beautiful neck on a woman, and big blue eyes with long eyelashes. I love looking at women in faded jeans and big cozy sweaters.

I love listening to women hurl insults at each other with one eyebrow raised comically. I love going to spas with women and getting my nails done.

I love getting drunk with women and dancing with women and I love partying with women who aren’t worried about what other people think.

I love that my friend Crystal held hands with me last weekend when it was raining and my shoes were perilously slippery. It was nice to feel close to her.



They rock!


Jarbabes, you’re my kinda gal.

jarbabyj, You ROCK! That is just what I needed to pick me up today!

Alright Ellen! Feel the love!


Hear Hear! I like men too! And I think Kate Winslet is hot! Ha! There! I said it!

For those keeping score:

• pups- GOOD
• German band leaders named Till- GOOD
• men-GOOD
• women-GOOD
• Brett Favre- evil incarnate :wink:

beagledave, oddly enough (you might enjoy this too, jarbaby), a good “friend” of mine named Chelsie and I were discussing football just yesterday, when she told me clear out of the blue, “I hate Bret Favre. I hate him. Whenever I see his face, I want to run out of the stands and tear his ACL myself.” I told her that she wouldn’t need to. She lives near Philly, where Veteran’s Stadium would take care of it for her.

Right dave! What’s so hard about this? :smiley:


jarbaby, this is the first thing I’ve read on the SDMB in a long time that has made me tear up with happiness.

Hopefully I don’t sound too lame here, but the general feeling of love-of-all-people just kind of washed over me.

Not only that, but I thought to myself, “hey, I’m a man. I fit into one of the two categories of people that jarbaby loves. I’m special!!”

Thanks so much. You made my day.

jarbaby, your OP is simply beautiful. It also reminded me of a nifty Pit reply that Euty made in April that I still like to re-read on occasion.

And, on Preview (after finally giving up trying to link to a specific post rather than just thread)…

This both cracks me up and sums up my thoughts exactly.

Cool, jarbabyj

Yes! Men are good! They’re smart and capable and loving and funny and reliable and thoughtful and everything that any human can be. They’re so different from women, and they’re so much the same. It’s wonderful. I love it when Jim says something that is so foreign to me I don’t know how he thought of it, and I love it when he’s completely on the same wavelength as I am.
Gather round, all you youngsters - I’m going to spill one of life’s biggest secrets here; men are people, and women are people. Boys, girls are just like you. Girls, boys are just like you. There, now you know. What you do with the information is up to you.

(In case anyone’s wondering how I can post to this thread and have an opposite-gender-bashing thread at the same time, the bashing thread is about one particular behaviour, of some men, not all men.)

I love men.
I love women.
I love jarbabyj.
I love people with big brains.
I love people with quick wits.
I love sarcastic posters.
I love quiet lurkers.
I love Underoos.

Mostly, I love people. God, I’d be bored and lonely without them.

And what makes it so great is that we are all different.

jarbabes, I presume you know this (and that others do to): the “women are oogy and have cooties” thread I started was a parody, and my actual sentiments are entirely in line with what you’re saying in this thread. I love females. Y’all are, generally speaking, terrific people, in addition to which I love femaleness in a person.



I love women and men who’re

honest and full of integrity
fun and funny
like laughing at the ridiculous
like playing and being silly with me
like hugging
like dancing
like flirting
like being naughty :wink:
like dressing up or down
like learning and reaching out to and making an impact on others.

And I love women and men who’ll

respect me
write me poems
fight for me when I can’t do it
sometimes fight with me
answer my questions no matter how stupid or difficult
support me in becoming the best person I know how to be,
and who when I engage their similarities and differences will teach me more about and help me grow in my understanding of the human condition.

Girls have cooties.

Men’s shoes?