What is it with those ole gray smokies anyway?

No, not moldy sausages.
After seeing the pic in this post I was reminded of a little critter that likes to jump up on the hood of my truck at one of my worksites, and just sits there, sometimes rolling on its back, or just staring at me until I finally come over and say hi.
I call him/her/it Ole Gray Smokie, even though the petite thing doesn’t look more than, say, nine months. And, like all other gray smokies I’ve said hello to, they like to yak with that crazy Siamese “MAAAAAOOORRRRRRR” sorta meow, to which I might as well oblige with a corresponding response.
Also, their coats seem to be the most…silky sumptuous? (heh - is that going overboard?)
My internet skilzzzzz haven’t been doing me any favours - I was hoping to find some sort of data about why gray-coated cats (well, a least from my experience, anyway) seem to consistently be the friendliest of cats. The least skittish, most conversant, almost trying to be comedians sometimes. (What some folks refer to as “personality”)
Given that the case, I’d expect this thread to be more anecdote-driven than anything. Especially curious if there are accounts of ole gray smokies who do not fit the description I’ve given. (hey - gotta get my ignorance fought, here!)


Heh - also ran into my share of black cats with white markings that usually fit his bill too.

We had a cat from a shelter that looked a lot like the standard Russian Blue. (Read the description of their personality.)

Amazingly friendly to everyone. She was sort of the “neighborhood cat”. We had two families who moved in near us and when they met us and we started talking said something like “Oh, you’re Shadow’s family!” The cat had already introduced herself. (With kids passing on the name, apparently.)

She liked to spend her time at the end of the driveway and when someone would walk by she’d roll and purr to encourage getting some pets.

If only all cats were like her.

I actually just had a conversation with someone who told me she thought grey cats were notoriously bitchy.

My favorite work cat is smokey grey and she has a sign with her face on it that says “Please do not pet me. I may bite.” And it’s true. She gets called “hateful” and “evil” a lot. She’s not- just stressed and misunderstood. She wouldn’t be as bitey in a home, but I don’t think she’d ever be a gregarious sweetheart. She’s intelligent and reserved and just doesn’t want to be messed with.

The cat she gets compared to- a famously hateful cat whom everyone knew to give a wide berth at all times- was also grey, although she was lighter and had some faint stripes. You didn’t even have to be pestering that one for her to come at you. If you put your purse or any item down, she’d plant herself on it and swipe at anyone who reached for it. She used to sit by the time clock so that she could swat the employees as they tried to clock in or out. I took her home to give her a chance to get out of the shelter at least for a month out of her life* and she was better, but would still get wound up and give you the crazy eyes.

Overall, I will say I haven’t noticed grey cats being especially friendly or unfriendly and had never heard any generalizations either way until the conversation the other day and then this. I have heard that people think orange boys are the friendliest (this seems to hold true with a good dose of confirmation bias) and that torties have attitude (I have not found this to be generally true). Otherwise, people tend to either generalize based on the cats they’ve had or based on what they’d like to be true (like when people have a color preference and justify it because “they have the best personality”. Sure.)

*she never had to go back to the shelter, BTW. Turns out a break and a chance to relax a little was just what she needed. She was in the shelter for seven years and in my house for two weeks and she is now in a home with someone who thinks the world of her.

Interesting how that’s such a diametrically opposite experience from what I’ve had. Our family’s neighbour had a smokie that would loll about on the porch and sometimes stand at the window and move his mouth at us. Off the top of my head there was one other that was on the old, rundown side, sneezing a lot and was more on the mellow than gregarious side.
quote from ftg’s wiki link:

Huh, I’ve never met a tortie that was nice except one. And she was evil, she “loved” my so at the time but her favorite thing was to catch and bring back live garter snakes to her, all while knowing my so was absolutely unappreciative.

Torties do have attitude. Tortitude, if you will. That said, I’ve never found a mean one in my life.

(I own one right now, in fact. She loves everyone. And everything. And food. Especially food.)

Both our grey cats were total suckups who would come over to total strangers who had never been in the house before and demand pets and head scratches.

Chipie and Zen.

I know not of these friendly cats of which you speak. You are telling me cats can be nice? WTF?
I jest, but, my Siamese are not friendly. Not mean, but to have them acknowledge you is as good as it gets. They dont really like me, but I am the food and treat source. I am tolerated, at best.
My sister had a huge male grey smokey. Lots of hair and attitude. He was a bit of a comedian. My sister always had a new funny story of his escapades.
I have had tuxedo cats and found them to be sweeties.

Beckdawrek, it does seem to be A Thing that Siamese in general are kind of standoffish and aloof (in my experience, anyway.) Im fact, right now I have a Himalayan who tolerates me, hates everyone else, and would probably be just as happy if there were no humans on this earth. (And yet I love the little ball of furry, chaotic #**(*# anyway…)

My mum, on the other hand, had the friendliest Siamese when she was younger. Apparently the cat thought he was people - tried to sit at the table (in a chair even!), liked to get in the shower with the humans, etcetera…

Yeah, yeah, the breeder led me to believe Siamese are the most friendliest of breeds. Yeah, no she lied. I fell right into her grasp. The sweet cuddly little mask-y faced things. Cutest ever blue eyes. I had to have one, no two. Brother/Sister pair. What could go wrong? Oh I could tell you some shit that will curl your hair.
I truly love the beasts, really. They are snooty and uppity. Loud and demanding. And they rule the roost. :slight_smile: