What is kopimism?

I noticed the word used on a Pirate Bay VPN site. Getting some hits on Google, but no clear meaning of what it means. Anyone?

It comes from “kopimi” (a play on the words “copy me”) and is the Pirate Bay’s philosophical foil to copyright. “Designed to be the opposite of copyright, a kopimi notice specifically requests that people copy the work for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial.” (WP)

It has a website.

What do they (TPB) mean by the word “waffles” in this context?

The breakfast food. TPB isn’t exactly the most serious organization under the sun.

…and he had to ask. Your post made me hungry with the thought of that sweet aroma of a buttermilk batter sizzling while sandwiched between hot irons; as the equally sweet smell of melting butter and maple syrup fills the air while accompanied by that unmistakable sinus titillation of sweet hickory smoked country sausage.

Coffee? Yes, thank you.

I think “waffles” should be coined to mean something with relation to TPB because of their reference. I can see it now on blogs and twitters… “waffles” taking on an alternate meaning to the word “torrent”.


“waffles” = “torrent”

I should forward this to Peter.