What is KPN in Gig Harbor, WA addresses?

Examples here, such as ‘10107 124th Ave KPN, Gig Harbor WA’.

What does ‘KPN’ stand for?

I already know about Koninklijke PTT Nederland and Konfederacja Polski Niepodleglej.

Key Peninsula. Just to the west of GH, points south to Nisqually Reach. Major metropolis (snerk): Lakebay.

Hopefully someone else will have a more accurate answer,

edit:somebody already did

but I think it has something to do with the Kitsap Peninsula (or maybe Key Peninsula). You may have noticed that Tacoma & Seattle (and other cities around them) use numeric street + direction for some addresses, e.g. 9th Place NE.

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My only guess is similar to Otto’s, and that is some abreviation of Key Peninsula.

upon looking at a map, there are a couple of roads on The Key Peninsula, one has KPN tacked on and the other is KPS. KPN is on the north side, KPS is on the South Side.

Looks like penrose state park is the point where North are KPN and South are KPS

My own follow-up question - why is the ‘KP’ used? Are there addresses in Gig Harbor that are Tacoma-centered, or is it just to avoid confusion?
With other cities, I’ve never seen any other indication than a direction, with the assumption that you ought to know the reference point. Are people just nicer over there (or not as good with geography)?

My own WAG is that there is only one hwy connecting Tacoma Proper with Gig Harbor and it’s outlaying. there are no Surface streets or other roads connecting the two. There would be no real reason to have a numbering pattern that extends from tacoma, the county seat, being they are seperated by water and the cliffs of the Tacoma Narrows.

If anything I would think that any numbering pattern would more closely follow the system used else where on the Kitsap peninsula.

Thanks, everyone.

Looking at a map I can see that Gig Harbor proper and everything down toward the Narrows does use Tacoma-referenced directions (NW), so I answered that question for myself.

West Seattle has similarly isolated streets. Though the land is more physically connected, only the West Seattle Bridge (maybe one or two other streets) switches from S to SW. Of course there it’s even the same city, so you’d expect it not to use some different scheme.

Mild digression: my sister lives on a two-block-long dirt road on Anderson Island (the island between Key Peninsula and Steilacoom). Some years back, the county decided to “rationalize” street designations to make it easier for aid car drivers to find their way around (not that such are seen on the island — anyone that desperate for aid is airlifted out). It seems that when you lay a straightedge along an obscure street in Lakewood, about ten miles away, it more or less lines up with the road my sister lives on; so the road was renamed to match the street. And since her house is so far from the point where the numbers originate, her address is well over 10,000. As is the house across the way, the only other one on the road.

Oh, and thanks to Skipper Too. I wondered why it was KPN rather than simply KP (although I thought maybe the person who came up with the designation had been in the army and didn’t want to awaken old memories). I can’t recall ever seeing KPS address. Anyway, ignorance — or at least insufficient knowledge — successfully fought.