Are there any streets with names containing all four cardinal points?

I see an address on Southeast North Bend Way. OK, ‘Southeast’ isn’t a cardinal point, but close enough for the purposes of this question. So it has south, east, and north. If there were an East North Bend Way and a West North Bend Way, we might see ‘1234 Southeast West North Bend Way’.

Are there any streets in the U.S. or Canada that contain all four cardinal points in their name?

I don’t know any actual street names but there are probably numbered routes that have all four points. I have personally seen a road in PA that was something like Rt. 40 East West North on the sign. I’ve seen pictures of signs like that with all four directions, but I don’t know if they were real or just a joke.

Nice query.

All Washington DC address have two cardinal directions, and there’s a North Carolina Ave. SE. (“SE” is for “Southeast”) and a South Dakota Ave., NE.

Pennsylvania Avenue has both NE and SW designations, but not at the same time.

I thought of East Beach Drive Northwest in Washington DC, but RealityChuck already started you down that path. I can’t think of any streets that have all four points.

As TriPolar mentioned, I’ve seen state routes where one stretch of road was Highway XX North, Highway YY East, and Highway ZZ south but I can’t point to any right now. I don’t think I’ve ever seen all four directions represented on the same highway.

Neither have I, but I’d like to. Like, suppose there’s a road in North Dakota that leads to the western part of the state. It would be West North Dakota Road. It diverges to the southeast at some point, and that fork could be Southeast West North Dakota Road. I can imagine similar scenarios with West Virginia, North Creek, etc.

The busiest intersection in Traverse City, Michigan, is the corner of North US-31 South and West South Airport Road.

In Atlantic City NJ, there is a South North Carolina Avenue.

George Avenue is the divider, which would be the junction of East Main St and West Main St. in North Augusta, South Carolina.

There are several points where highway concurrency means you are (allegedly) traveling in three directions at the same time. For example, here is signage for U.S. Highway 24 eastbound, U.S. Highway 136 westbound, and Illinois Highway 100 northbound, which are all the same road in part of Isabel Township, Illinois.

Close Map Downtown North Augusta

East Avenue and West Avenue run parallel to Georgia Ave. Yes that makes perfect sense to me too.

West Buena Vista Ave and East Buena Visita Avenue meet at Georgia Ave in North Augusta, South Carolina.

Some years back Port St. Lucie, Fl was divided into quadrants of NE, NW, SE, SW so there is a loop road in one subdivision that is named SE North Blackwell Dr., SE West Blackwell Dr., SE South Blackwell Dr., and SE East Blackwell Dr. There is also a SE North Buttonwood Dr. and a SE South Buttonwood Dr.
Not all four cardinal directions in any of them, but enough to be confusing. There are probably more than those six since they divvied up the city.

At this intersection, S Capitol Street SW, S Capitol Street SE, N Street SW and N Street SE all converge.

Yes, I know I’m cheating, because the N doesn’t stand for North in this case.

Best I can come up with offhand is East I-35 North (and South) and West I-35 North (and South) in Minneapolis.

Curious. Some developer ought to name a street in a new subdivision Southwest Northeast Street and put it right in the middle of the addition, just for fun.

Found oneSoutheast Circle NW in Albuquerque.

Dallas / Fort Worth has the same arrangement. I-35 forks into two branches north of the metroplex and they both travel more or less parallel until they rejoin on the far southern outskirts of the metroplex.

A couple more with three:

NW South Road
NW East Road

Both in suburban Portland. There’s also a NW West Rd and a NW North Rd in the same area to complete the set.

:off subject: Five years ago the County that I live in was on a project (now dead) that was going to rename roads to get rid of duplicates. Areas targeted where given suggestions based on a commonality. Presidents, animal names, mineral, birds, whatever. It’s a good idea.

Our area was bird names. I was going to suggest - Chicken Crossing ROAD. Loon LANE was my second suggestion.

Sadly, the project bit the dust.

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Pennsylvania Avenue goes SE to NW and therefore has SE and NW designations depending on what quadrant of the city you are in. The White House is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. If you want to visit the POTUS and go to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, you’re going to have a bad time.