What is Mexican Coke?

I live in a Spanish neighborhood in Chicago and at the grocers they had a sale on “Mexican Coke,” 10/$10.00. It looks like a 12 ounce bottle of pop. Considering they have Classic Coke on sale for $1.00 for a 2 litre bottle, I was wondering what is it?

It doesn’t say Mexican Coke on it, just on the sign above it

It uses cane sugar not corn syrup for a sweetener.

It tastes more like Coke from back in the day.

Costco sells it too, at least they do here in Vegas.

It tastes much better than American Coke.*

*(but not as good as Pepsi)

Most of it does- read the label to be sure.

Mexican Coke is delightful. It tastes the same as Canadian Coke. When my husband and I were in Mexico, that’s about all we drank. Bought some to take on the ship back with us.

I had a Mexican Coke while in Juarez a couple years ago because I’d kept hearing how much better it was than the stuff sold in the States. I wasn’t impressed.

Yup, I call BS on the big improvement as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a difference, but it’s not that big a deal.


And I call BS on calling BS on the improvement:D

I don’t drink normal Coke, but I looooove Mexican Coke.

You can get coke made with sugar around passover, no? I think the bottles have a different color cap or something.

Just drink Boylan’s Sugar Cane Cola. Available in many US venues year around.

Red Rock Premium Cola also still uses sugar cane (and is delicious).

Aesiron, it may not seem like anything special to you, because of your age. However, my husband grew up with Coke-with-sugar, and for him, it’s a real treat. To me, coming from Canada and always having Coke-with-sugar, American Coke tastes like a melted Slurpee. I stopped drinking Coke when I moved to the US.

And here I was all ready to say ‘methamphetamine’

I always wondered what the difference was between Canadian and American Coke. It’s not imaginary; American stuff does taste mediocre in comparison. The Canadian stuff tastes crisp and cold; the American stuff tastes… I dunno. Goopy.

I noticed the difference long before I learned about the corn syrup/cane sugar difference. I’d always assumed it was just some little difference in the formula.

So why does ours use corn syrup instead of sugar cane if its not as good?

Economics. I believe corn syrup is cheaper than sugar in the US.

IIRC, the US has import quotas on sugar to protect the domestic sugar industry. This limits the availability of sugar in the US, thus raising its price, making it a less desirable sweetener for manufacturers. Also, I believe corn is subsidized.

Could be. For all I know, I may’ve even gotten a corn syrup bottle. I didn’t taste much difference.

When I was in Mexico last summer I would drink Coke every once in a while. The ingredients label read: “Carbonated water, Coca Cola concentrate”.

I don’t know if it had cane sugar in it. Or lead or antifreeze or human beings for that matter.

Mainly in neighborhoods with a large Jewish population in larger metropolitan areas. In Cleveland, KFP Coke is imported from the bottler in Chicago, not the local Coke bottler, and it’s only available in the inner-ring eastern suburbs. KFP Coke is usually sold at a higher price than regular Coke, and at regular supermarkers it’s usually placed in a special display in a different part of the store to avoid confusion. The bottlecap or can top will have some Hebrew lettering on it. KFP cans will look like generic Coke cans, with no promos like buy-one-get-one-free amusement park admissions or anything like that.

I’ve seen other KFP soft drinks, but Coke seems to have the most mystique about it. I’ve even seen KFP Diet Coke, which makes me think “what’s the point?”