What is our collective IQ?

It occurs to me that the people on this BB are some of the smartest on the planet. If you were to treat the whole community of the Straight Dope Message Board readers as a single entity, a “hive-mind” if you like, what would be its IQ?

I’ve hardly ever seen a question posted on here (ok, in GQ) that wasn’t (eventually) answered correctly.

(Was considering posting this in ATMB…but it is rather mundane and pointless :wink: )

Keep in mind that we have our share of morons, too.

Right - they would bring down the average IQ but wouldn’t affect the collective one.

Well, let’s start figuring. We’ll start with my 846 and you guys can add yours to that.

Hell, I’ve posted a few that were never conclusively answered.

However … if i’m to understand the OP, we’re looking for a summation of the IQ of every person on this website? Seems a bit like adding up everyone’s batting average in a lineup: it doesn’t guarantee that if you had all nine players up to bat at once, you’d get a hit (even if they each had an average of .150, that’s still over 1.000). More than likely someone would deflect the ball and the other eight would miss.
That said, Marilyn vos Savant is no match for the only member who really matters;)

I sure it’s at least 12…

That would be “I’m”, of course.

I thinking I’m dragin’ down the average here folks…

Let’s see: We’ll do the math.

Around 21,000 dopers at an average I.Q. of 68 equals…

One million, four hundred twenty eight thousand

Um, I would think the average was a tad higher than 68. The average of the population in general is pretty close to 100.

Or did I just get wooshed?

alice_in-wonderland :smack: Woosh.


I think I’ll just go lie down with a cool cloth over my eyes for a few minutes…

It’s been a long day.

Count me in for a ‘woosh’ too. Maybe I’m one of the ones bringing the average down to 68.

Since when did the average IQ drop to 68?
For years I was told it was 100. Perhaps it’s 100 in the UK :slight_smile:

Average IQ of the population in general=100

Average IQ of Dopers=68



?Isn’t average 90

Well, the lower the average the happier I feel, keep lowerin’ it!


[mini hijack] Are there any good online IQ tests? [/mini hijack]

[Mel Brooks History of the World part I]
It’s good to be the average!
[/Mel Brooks History of the World part I]

flapcats, I’ve found a few, but I’m not sure how good they are. I scored wayyyy to high, so the darn things can’t be accurate.

Anyway, you can find a few with a google of “IQ test online”

Me ams got good brain wit 160 iqs bouncing roun in it :smiley:

Me ams still not mek good mony wit good brain :frowning:

wywywywywywywywywywy?!?:mad: :confused: :frowning:

when come back bring pie

Well, I’ve depressed myself by visiting the Mensa website here. Though apparently the average IQ is 100.