What is period gas and why is it so bad?

I’ve heard women talk about period farts before, and just wanted to know what they are, and why they have such a reputation.

According to WebMD, it’s common to get very gassy during menstruation, and imagine how it feels to have stomach pains from gas on top of cramps. It must really suck.

I’m a guy so the worst thing I’ve dealt with is the occasional kidney stone.

Here you go. It’s one of the more direct answers in every day language without falling into “ew girls are gross because periods” thing that some seem to.

In short:

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I heard that in India, they don’t call Indian food “Indian food”. They just call it “food”. Who says you can’t learn stuff watching TV?

What do Native Americans call it?

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My girlfriend claims she craves more dairy products when she is on her period and also sweets. I don’t know how typical that might be.

I’m sure for the writer, it was a crack…for me it’s literally true. My flatus during menstruation has this really overwhelming odor of turmeric, for no apparent reason. I mean, I take turmeric supplements, to be sure, but I take them every day of the month, not just when I’m menstruating. It’s weird.

I think regular Indians eat a lot of acorn meal.

If your significant other’s periods are worse than your kidney stones, she should see a doctor.

The same hormones that cause your uterus to cramp and contract to expel its lining during your period can also cause cramps and muscular contractions in other parts of your abdomen- like your intestines, causing gas, diarrhea, etc. Also lower back pain. http://www.webmd.com/women/guide/menstrual-pain