So why are women so disgusted by oral sex during periods?

I have never been successful in talking a woman into letting me eat her out on her period, I’ve been with my wife almost a decade and she still freaks the fuck out if I try :stuck_out_tongue: Hell she doesn’t even like regular sex during her period, one time she even toweled me off immediately because she didn’t want me to see any crime scene evidence.:rolleyes:

Every single woman I have ever mentioned period oral sex to has made their disgust loudly known, gross! GAG! nasty!

What the hell is the big deal? I’m thinking a lot of women have some kind of hang up about mestruation.

You a vampire by chance ? I’m a dude, and would never go down there during that “period” of time.

I think it has something to do with the part where they are bleeding out of their vagina. Maybe it’s just me.

Not a vampire but I think the taboo aspect of it only makes me want to try it more, I mean at least once.

I’m going to move this to IMHO.

Western women are socialized from a young age to view period blood as dirty, disgraceful, dangerous, smelly and something that no one else should see. Depending on age, some of us were even taught that no one should even see us with the tools meant to deal with it, and that it was necessary to be stealthy with our tampons and pads and so on.

The idea of someone willingly wanting to muck about in something we’ve been indoctrinated to view so negatively is not going to sit well with most anyone. Consider it a byproduct of a body-shaming society.

While I can agree on most levels with your analysis, I can also understand why most people wouldn’t do it. It’s blood. And it smells funny. Some might be turned on by it, most are probably repulsed. I have no problems with sex during period, but eating out goes a little bit too far.

I don’t really agree with tumbleddown’s assessment of how Western women are raised to view their periods. I think there are many different cultures which have shaded views in many ways, so the way I was raised is a little different. There was no shame in menstruation in my household growing up. There was Mom, Dad, and two girls in our house, so the way of the home was womanly and Dad just had to deal.

I don’t view a man going down on me during menstruation as taboo, I just don’t like it very much. It’s been done, along with sex and plenty of towels to protect the bedding. And that’s more where the dislike for it comes in - the mess and cleanup. It’s just more hassle than it’s worth, really. I had more energy for it in my 20’s, and now I prefer not to bother. Plus, I’m not a fan of my man coming up for air with blood all over his face, and when he smiles with a piece of uterine lining stuck between his teeth, well, I’d prefer a shower and some floss.

I’m not sure why the OP can’t see it being a bit of a turn-off for a woman to see her lover with his face smeared with blood and clots from nose to chin. Go wash up!

“Western women”? I doubt you’ll find many fans of indiscriminate bleeding out there, “Western” or not. And I doubt it has all that much to do with any especially Western or feminine “socialization”; I’m a guy, and I doubt I’d be very popular in any society if I wandered around with a bleeding wound dribbling on everything.

grude, you just need to find the right woman.

Me, I assumed my lovers wouldn’t want to have sex with me, especially oral sex, while I was doing the monthly bleeding but I’ve had one boyfriend who, like you, found the taboo aspect rather exciting and he definitely enjoyed all sorts of sex play during that period of the month. I didn’t have any issues with indulging his curiosity/mild kink. It wasn’t something I myself was wildly enthused about but I was happy making him happy.

As it happens, my spouse isn’t into having sex with a bleeding crotch. OK, no biggie - it’s not his thing.

Point is - there are women out there who either wouldn’t care that you’re into bloody period sex or would also be into it. You just haven’t found one yet.

Ummmm…because it’s disgusting and repulsive, maybe??? Yikes!!!

Some women find it painful or uncomfortable - or at least say they do. I have no real reason to think they’re lying, though.

It depends on the woman. My wife enjoys intercourse during her period, and is fine with me going down on her as long as I stick to the clit and stay away from the vag.

I had one girlfriend who wouldn’t think twice about switching positions between cowgirl to going down on me, despite it being that time of the month. Sort of gross, if I thought about it, but then again I was getting good sex & oral, so I didn’t think about it too much.

I generally demur because I assume he won’t be into it, and because I hate doing laundry. But if he were to insist, I wouldn’t freak out at him. As it happens, my SO is quite happy with manual that or any other time of the month, but he doesn’t like the taste much when I’m spotting - too metallic with a bitter overtone - and hasn’t sampled my wares during heavy flow.

**tumbleddown **has it right, I think. I’m inhibited by it because it’s blood (well, half blood) and there’s a pretty strong taboo against smearing blood on people in my culture. Add to that that it’s blood from “down there”, and there’s an extra layer of taboo on top of taboo. And my inhibition persists, despite quite a bit of cultural retraining. I can enjoy public nudity at appropriate festivals. I can discuss the merits of a DivaCup in mixed company. I would gladly catch someone’s baby were they to have it in front of me. I love vaginas, and I’m not shy about them. But I still assume that most men’s reaction to noticing I’m on my period during sexyfuntime is going to be like highrollinwooded’s, and I’d rather avoid that embarrassment.

I’m open enough that if my partner were to confide in me that it’s something he’d always wanted to try, I’d be game for it. But I’m culturally conditioned enough to be surprised by it, and to begin with the assumption that we’ll have to amuse ourselves some other way a few days a month.

If you had ever actually seen menstruation you might understand better why most women find it gross. It’s not JUST blood. There are also lots of bits of uterine lining in there and some women have truly impressive sized clots too. There is also a distinct odor.
There are other reasons why a woman may not feel amorous during that time. Some women also regularly have unpleasant physical symptoms with their period. For some women, the hormone fluctuations cause diarrhea, for example.

If it were just blood it wouldn’t be nearly as gross - it’s not just blood.

Menstrual fluid contains very little blood. It’s mostly shed uterline lining and mucus. It is entirely bodily waste and neither more nor less inherently disgusting than urine or snot. I do look on a man wanting to consume menstrual fluid as very similar to wanting to drink pee or any other bodily waste. More odd than some things, less odd than others. With the added bonus that it is very like cannibalism when you get down to the chunky bits of uterus.

And I too have to wonder whether grude has a bit of a sunny, idealized idea of what menstrual fluid is really like. Any experience with liver-like chunks and dark brown, sticky flow?

Yeah I don’t see me being squicked out by say cutting myself and getting blood on someone else. It would not turn me off.

Having someone put their face in an area full of smelly uterine lining that I’ve been trying desperately to keep clean and odor-free for a week is not something I want to deal with.

Meh. I had an ex talk me into this and I went along with it because I’m a GGG type of gal.

Then he kissed me after the fact and I got a taste - blech - no thanks. It was such a huge turn off just the thought of doing that when the next month rolled around turned me off.

So, sex is fine - oral, not so much because the lady parts taste nasty at that time.

It is beyond me why this is even a question. Geez.