What is "Positive Gun News"?

It seems patently obvious to me that further restrictions on open carry (whether by governments, businesses or private property owners) cannot be viewed as positive gun news. If someone wants to present such a development as positive, shouldn’t they have to articulate and develop support for this unusual and odd train of thought, rather than simply post a link that is clearly meant to threadshit?

The problem, to the extent that there is one, is that there are a number of posters who cannot bear the thought that guns have any positive uses at all. And so they are desperate to thread shit it out of existence.

The existence of the thread creates a disturbance in the Force. Or perhaps more like an itch they can’t scratch. It’s not enough to have ten million other threads where they can repeat the same ideas over and over - this one where they can’t drives them crazy.


I disagree. Do you need a safe space where you never hear conflicting opinions?

Which does not show up easily on a mobile device, especially on Sultantheme, as some users have complained.

To argue otherwise suggests only that there exists a restriction on gun ownership or use that can be considered positive by gun owners. Does no such restriction exist?

I’ll tell you what, in that thread as in all others I try to mod with a light touch. If it will help you I can look at all of your posts in that thread and warn you where you tried to derail and hijack.

I will quote what I said to Orwell over in the other thread;

Regarding the moderation in that thread, I’m finding it a little challenging to parse:

So we can debate whether specific instances in the thread are responsible gun use, but we can’t debate what constitutes responsible gun use even in the context of specific examples? That’s splitting a mighty fine hair there.

I don’t think you are that obtuse. The thread is clearly from a pro-gun (or at least neutral) point of view. Things that are “good” from an anti-gun point of view are clearly off topic for that thread.

As for your posts, I went back and looked at your posts in that thread, back to 2016 at least. More often than not, they were threadshits.

You may not like the topic. You may not like that the topic exists. But that does not give you the right to derail the thread to suit your own opinions. Any more threadshits and you will be topic banned from that thread.

If the thread or the topic bothers you, you know where the Pit is.

I am not aware of one either, but if someone (possibly Fear Itself since this topic seems to be near and dear to him) wants to start a Positive Gun Control News of the Day thread, anyone calling failure of gun control legislation to pass a “good thing” would also be threadshitting, and would get moderated.

If someone does decide to start a thread on positive gun control news, make sure you restrict it to that topic, and not the broader issue of gun control debate. Otherwise it will just get tossed over to Great Debates with the other gun control debate threads.


Past history in mind, wouldn’t it be up to the mods to make sure that the topic stay restricted, because the OP has limited control over the thread and can only make suggestions?
edited to add: And is it possible to create a “Negative Gun” thread that would have the same control as the Positive Gun thread, or would it just get tossed into The BBQ Pit and be open for all comments?

There have been several threads on this one thread. Usually the same people are asking the same questions. It’s been stated before and hopefully I can explain it clear now.

This thread does not have special rules.
Like every other thread in MPSIMS you are not allowed to threadshit or derail.
It is not against the rules to comment on posts as long as it’s not a threadshit or a derailment.

Posts about gun control laws, what constitutes being a responsible gun owner or discussions about whether anyone should own a gun are perfectly good topics for the board. They are just beyond the scope of that thread and with start a derailment. They would also most likely be better suited in GD.

Is this a new policy for all topics, or just Guns? If I post a Positive Joe Biden News thread, will you moderate anyone who posts anything critical of Joe Biden?

It’s not a new policy. “Don’t threadshit” has been in our rules for longer than I can remember.

More relevant to the topic of this ATMB thread, if someone wants to make a Positive Joe Biden News thread, anyone who posts something causing Joe Biden to fall in the polls as a good thing (intentionally twisting the meaning of “good” to be counter to the intent of the thread) would definitely be moderated.

So all posts in that thread must agree with the premise that all restrictions on gun ownership or use are bad and that maximal gun ownership/use rights are good. Any post whose premise disagrees with this rubric is threadshitting.

Are there any other threads on the SDMB that come with that kind of prerequisite?

The rule is the same as everywhere else on the SDMB. “Don’t be a jerk.” It’s perfectly simple - just don’t be a jerk in that thread (or any other, outside the Pit) and you will be fine.


Most threads on the SDMB come with a prerequisite that you don’t threadshit.

For what it’s worth, I agree with the moderator note. People should not be posting opposition to guns in a thread for positive gun news. There are plenty of threads on the general topic of gun control.

And now that term has become stretched beyond all usefulness. No contrary views allowed if the OP wants a safe space to promote his agenda without debate. Just add “Positive” to the title.

“Positive Gun Control News” thread here.