What is "Positive Gun News"?

I was mod noted by engineer_comp_geek for my post in the Positive Gun News thread:

Now that you have decided that gun news that is good news to me (and I suspect, others) is inappropriate, you are going to have to define what constitutes “good news”, so I won’t run afoul of your judgement in the future.

I have posted many times in that thread with news that I felt was good. Are any of my other posts inappropriate, or should I infer from your silence that they are within the bounds of “good news”?

It seems clearly intended as a safe space for gun owners to talk about whatever makes them feel more secure, morally justified, or confident about being gun owners.

I thought just owning the gun was supposed to automatically give you all that stuff, but I guess that’s mistaken.

While there are gun control threads out there, I don’t recall ever seeing a “Positive Gun Control” thread where those opposed to gun control are forbidden from posting…but maybe I missed it.

You’ve had that thread stuck sideways in your ass since the moment it appeared. Maybe the solution is for you to just let it go…or you and Czarcasm can start an opposing position thread of your own. Short of having the thread disappeared, is there anything else that might ease your butthutt?

Our resident Second Amendment Fundamentalists don’t often visit Stupid Gun News of the Day, but I don’t recall anyone being modded for arguing their version of what constitutes stupid gun news.

You have to run what you think is “Positive Gun News” through the judges of “Positive Gun News” before you are allowed to post what you think is “Positive Gun News” in the “Positive Gun News” thread. You are not allowed to decide on your own what is and is not “Positive Gun News” because if what you think is “Positive Gun News” doesn’t pass the “Positive Gun News” holy tribunal, you will get a warning for having to nerve to consider something “Positive Gun News” without first getting “Positive Gun News” clearance.

I had no idea this was a thing. I’m running straight to Stupid Republican Idea of the Day to report all posts that defend stupid Republicans. Expect an avalanche of warnings!

For God’s sake, it isn’t that difficult to figure out.

Positive gun news = guns being used in a good way that furthers the pro-gun cause. To hijack it with a post in praise of gun control, would be like a “positive abortion news” that posts pro-Planned Parenthood stuff thread being hijacked by a pro-lifer who wants to praise some Supreme Court anti-abortion ruling.

You know, this is pretty simple and anyone that maintains otherwise is being obtuse, intentionally or otherwise. That thread is for discussion of news articles about guns being used in a positive manner, period. If you don’t think that is possible, don’t open the thread. The moderation of the thread has been pretty consistent throughout.

Full disclosure: I am a (multiple) gun owner with a concealed carry license in my state. I don’t generally carry, but do like the option to do so.

I suggest you read the Positive Gun Use OP again. The very first example of the thread is enforcement of a gun control law being overturned by a pardon. Apparently positive gun control is allowed in that thread, so long as it the right kind of positive.

Yes, it’s very simple, a safe space where gun owners can wax poetic about the lovely things guns do without being annoyed by people mentioning all the dead people left in their wake.

AFAIK, it’s the only thread here where posters aren’t allowed to voice disagreement with certain posts.

You may infer nothing of of the sort. In a thread that has been active for four years and has over 1600 posts I can pretty much guarantee there are posts that could have been modded but weren’t for various reasons including not being reported. If you posted things that could have received a warning but didn’t I would suggest you keep that to yourself.

Guns are tools. It’s not a black or white issue, and anyone who thinks guns are 100% good or 100% bad is wrong.

That thread is not for discussion in any way shape or form; it’s for agreement.

ETA: And it’s an embarrassment to the SDMB.

If you’re going to discuss a mod note, it would be nice if you linked to the actual note instead of the first page of a 33 page thread.

I posted the entire mod note, which includes a link to his post.

Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there! cochrane even quoted the quote with the link in the post where he complains that the OP should include the link that it includes.

ETA: Yes, I know that’s a terrible sentence. It’s early but I’ve been up a long time already.

How should I know what could have received a warning? That’s why I posted here! Apparently I am not allowed to judge for myself what constitutes Positive Gun News.

Exactly. Not all gun owners agree on everything. But a property owner or business announcing that they will now disallow open carry (in states that allow open carry) cannot possibly be considered to be “positive gun news” for gun owners or those who support gun rights. To argue otherwise is absurd and disingenuous.