What is potentially wrong with my internet access

I have cable which is usually pretty fast but today around 3pm it became really slow. So today i’m looking at thefacebook (a website about college students) and it shows a box called “access” that shows which residental area you are connected from. Normally mine says “Wesley is currently logged in from a non-residental location” to signify that I do not live in any of the dorms or apartments on campus. However right now it says “Wesley is currently logged in from Sigma Delta Tau.” which is a frat on campus. Is someone stealing my bandwidth or what is happening to make this happen?

Hmm … being on cable you “share” the bandwidth with other people in your area. It could be the website you are looking at has all IP addresses in your “domain” mapped to that frat house. Try logging out of that site, and logging back in. See what happens.

Also, because cable is a shared resource, your throughput is going to vary depending on how many people are currently logged on using “your” cable.