What is "sharia level"?

In a current news story about recruitment documents/questionnaire used by ISIS that were obtained by a Syrian opposition newspaper, there is reference to 23 questions that are asked to all ISIS recruits. These include general information such as:

Date of birth
Education, etc. etc.

But one item requested is: “Sharia level”.

I know what Sharia law is. Is the level request similar to Thetan levels in Scientology? :wink:

Or would this request be more of: “on a scale of 1-10 how adherent to Sharia law are you?”

…or something completely different?

ETA: link to news story: http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/10/middleeast/isis-document-leak/index.html

I have to question the authenticity of this “document” and the questionnaire:

I assume that’s just a bad transcription by CNN, and that date of death refers to the mother.

Since they asked who recommended you and ask where you currently work, I have to wonder if ISIS does some sort of background check on their recruits.

“I’m sorry, sir, but your application has been denied because our investigation showed you are not a terrorist.”

I’d be quite surprised if they weren’t, as you can be damn sure the various CIA type organizations are actively trying to infiltrate ISIS. That’s pretty much their job, after all.

Joining ISIS as a double agent for the CIA does take some serious cojones.

And yet, as mentioned, that’s their job.

It would be cute if they had a Webelo level in terrorism.

Yeah, the sharia level grind is the worst. Mostly it’s boring fetch quests, mixed in with ‘kill 8 infidels’ sorts of quests.

You do have to level up some to adventure in the more advanced ISIS zones, though.

The article in the OP discusses this:

Interviewer: Fighter or suicide attacker?
Interviewee: Suicide attacker.
Interviewer: Sorry, we’re looking for more experienced people.

Trick question: Have you ever participated in a successful suicide bombing attack?

Too easy. The bomb builder also “participates”.

And so do the bystanders, come to think of it.

When did you stop blowing yourself up?