What Is Society Coming To?

You know, I’d like to believe that people can get beyond racial bullshit as much as the next guy, but this video proves otherwise.

Anyway, its kind of ambiguous whom started what, but apparently the entertainment value of an older (and possibly racist) white dude beating the shit out of a younger (and possibly racist and/or wannabe) black dude has inspired a lot of racist bullshit in this viral video (just look at the comments). It does have some comedic value, I suppose, on some levels, but…it makes me a sad Panda in other ways.

You decide.

YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQJFv9SMSMQ

I live in Memphis. This video and the comments are not shocking to me in any way.

It’s been this way (for me) since I was a kid in the seventies. I don’t think society is getting any worse when it comes to racism.

Its spawned so many other videos, too. A Mortal Kombat version, many comments (Africaboi), etc.

I just wish I knew whom started what, but in the end, I suppose it doesn’t even matter (damn, I just quoted a stupid Linkin Park song!) because the outcome is shitty.

I’ve watched the video a few times, and I will say this.

The older guy got up and moved. He tried to remove himself physically from the situation, and from what I have been able to tell, the camera holder “Go get that pinky!” put the black dude in a situation where he had to save face. So he persued the issue, and got a well justified asswhopping.

I personally think society needs more of this sort of thing, race be damned. If the consequences for being an antagonistic jerk were getting your nose bloodied, I think society would be a bit more polite, and a bit less likely to fly off the handle at stupid shit.

Just imo, of course.

Race be damned on my part as well! I think a gentleman of mature years delivering a sound thrashing to a snot-nosed guttersnipe is all to the good! The complexion and skin tone of said guttersnipe is of no consequence, the brown urban urchin is the same species as the beige one, the difference are merely cosmetic.

Not that I have bias against the temporally challenged, they are as nature made them: ignorant, hormone-addled slut-bots.

God bless the mothers. They’re good for a voice of reason when male egos bump into each other.

Now all we need is someone to start paying attention

I can’t disagree with that…nor can I stop laughing!


But seriously…it really isn’t obvious to me whom is “at fault” in the initial verbal exchange (and granted, it may not matter).

If all it takes for a man to attack an older, belligerent man physically on a bus is the prompting of a couple race-baiters manning (womanning?) the video camera, then well…ah, you know. You get expected results.

Somehow it just makes me a worse for wear emotionally. And of course, an argument against the validity of American public transit!!!1111

The black guy got his ass handed to him after he started the physical altercation. However, we don’t have the full context of the fight, as it started verbally with racism involved. That’s why these “little brothers with their camera phones” (as opposed to Big Brother with security cams) are a problem in general. You can make anything look one-sided when you start rolling the cameras.

Well, what do you expect? They’ll let anyone into Andover these days! sniff

Damn, that guy’s shirt even said, “I am a Mother Fucker!”

What the hell were they arguing about, anyways? It was hard to tell.

Seems like the young man made a crack about shining the older guys shoes and the old guy ran with it, and the young man took it as a serious racist comment. Now if there was some context before the black guys shoes comment I can’t tell from the video.

But it’s not necessarily the case that there is a wider context. If there isn’t it’s a pretty classic case of “I dare you to hit the chip off my shoulder”.

I laugh at this and then I think that I shouldn’t be laughing.

For example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3LK1CChb08

But how can you not laugh at that?

Or this explanation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMKlk7fXAuE

C’mon, its blowing up tha intertubez…I tend to agree with dude…

And he’s “Epic Beard Man”…lol?

I thought the white guy was the instigator? Why was he saying that stuff about how much would it cost for you to shine my shoes?

That’s what is unclear. The video starts while they are arguing. Both make racist comments at that point. It isn’t clear what happened before that.

What’s interesting is that this dude is “internet rumored” to be the same guy that famously got tossed from a baseball game last season (sorry, no link).

Wonders never cease…

ETA…the video is in my last link about the internet meme that is “Epic Beard Man”.

Apparently this is a victory for white kids on fight compilation sites across the internet.

It’s such a big deal for these nerds because there are literally thousands of fight clips out there where a black guy beats the shit out of some white guy. When some white dude finally is filmed beating the crap out of a loud mouthed black guy it is instant internet win for the white teen boys.

White suburban kids fear the tough black kids at school, come home and see a vid of a white person beating a scary black person, they feel like they personally can now kick some ass.

The internet is weird.

What I want to know is why was it being filmed in the first place?

There’s more to this than the video shows. Here’s the second part of the video that nobody links to. The white guy is mentally ill. Reading a thread on Reddit (cannot find it now) the guy has a history of starting fights and has been incarcerated multiple times for random violence.

Yeah, and I think this is what is either compelling or revolting about the internet-wide reaction to this video.

Yup. Weird all right…

Ugh. For some reason, I find this video more depressing than the first.

That completely explains the moving away from the confrontation thing! Or maybe it doesn’t at all.