What is that jelly in SPAM?

You know that gel/jelly in SPAM? What is that stuff? One of my co-workers said that the same stuff is in MRE’s. Another co-worker (a big fan of SPAM) says that he loves the jelly. In fact he uses it as a grease when he fries up his SPAM. This can’t be healthy!

It is the gelatinized broth from the cooking/canning process. It is primarily water, and fat, with a bit of gelatin, either naturally included from the pig parts used to make spam, or added in during the process. It is neither more, nor less wholesome than Spam itself.


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It is gelatin and it’s there to help keep moisture in the meat product and not in a pool on the bottom of the can. Basically it helps the product stay moist and delicious for years…well moist anyway

I cant comment on the taste but I do remember the “ham” version of the MRE was not gelatin coated, and was in a packet of briney water never had spam, never did manage to take a bite of the MRE ham, did spill the water tho…

It’s called ‘aspic’.

same as in pork pies etc.

My source: Spam: a Biography by Carolyn Wyman. Harcourt Brace & Company, 1999. Page 35, from a sidebar entitled “The Lowdown on the Slippery Stuff”:

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