What is that stuff inside a Butterfinger?

I understand it has something to do with peanuts.

Marcellus Wallace’s soul.

One part peanutbutter.

Three parts fiberglass.

And is it the same thing found inside a Zagnut?

It’s not butter and it’s not fingers. Beyond that, you’re on your own.

The Simpsons’ Melanin?

No, but I suspect that it’s the same material that’s found in Fifth Avenues and Clark bars.

I dunno, but the butterfinger websiteofficially declares that it is “crispety and crunchety”.

I suppose that after eatin’ too many of 'em , your tongue gets all tangled up.

I believe from experience that it is peanut butter flavored glue with orange dye.

Have you looked at the ingredients list on the wrapper?

If not, then please do so.
If yes, then please explain why it doesn’t answer your question.

This website sounds promising.

Hmm. That recipe doesn’t mention the one ingredient, clearly listed on the Butterfinger wrapper, that I always thought was the key to the crispety-crunchiness: cornflakes.

The real question is, “What is that bogus stuff on the outside of a Butterfinger?” It ain’t chocolate, I’ll tell you that for free.

I play a game every so often when bored w/ a friend. ::waits for snickering to die down:: ::waits for snickering (becuase I said snickering in this thread) to end::

I name a few ingredients and you tell me the candy bar. Try…chocolate, cookie, caramel.


I mean, I know that it’s made out of peanuts and corn syrup and stuff. I just wondered if there was a word for the innards - the way that “nougat” describes the inside of a Three Musketeers.

Christopher’s website leads me to believe that it’s supposed to be peanut brittle. Intriguing.

I thought it was a sort of toffee.

It’s Goodness. Crispety and Crunchety Goodness to be precise.

<Emily Litella> Oh! That’s different! Never mind… </Emily Litella>

You rang?

Nastiness. Specifically, stick-in-your-teeth-for-three-days nastiness.