what is the average...

whats the average size for a white males penis? black male? philipeano male? native american male?

They are all 5.5" erect, plus or minus a tenth of an inch or so, on average.

Does average human penis length vary among ethnic groups?

Believe it or not, this is the second time I’ve dug up that Answer in the past two days.

According to my exes, 9.25 inches.

Do you think they could be lying?

Tou’re welcome.

I can hardly wait for your next question.

9.5 inches, provided i’m average :smiley:

You tell us. :smiley:

Reminds me of the old joke:

Q: How do you get a 10-inch penis?
A: Fold mine in half.

Reminds me of that thing in Slaugterhouse Five where they take over a planet by lying about their averages to make the conquerees feel inadequate.

Nothing personal here, though. My penis is two inches. From the ground. And with a diameter of twenty-seven centimetres. :slight_smile:

And, of course, here we see the reason that women are so poor at estimating distance. They keep getting told that this line


is nine inches long.