What Is The Best Electric Razor?

I have been using a regular razor since I began shaving over 25 years ago. I have very sensitive skin and can only shave twice a week. I even have to shave in the shower or it just turns out a mess. I need to be able to shave more often because I get pretty scrappy between shaves.

I want to finally go with an electric. I don’t care about the costs. I just want the best one available. I would like one that can do wet or dry. I don’t have a beard so I don’t need anything other than a normal microscreen. I suppose a trimmer for the back of my neck would be nice, but it is not necessary.

So what is the best electric razor? Why do you believe it to be the best?

Lots of people like Braun shavers, and some like Norelco, but I’ve owned both and prefer my current shaver - this Panasonic. It definitely did a better job than the others. Plus it’s a wet/dry shaver, as are most if not all Panasonics. In fact, you can clean it with liquid soap and water (it’s even recommended you clean it that way in the manual!).

No electric razor will shave as close as a blade. The advantage of an electric is that it cuts the hairs stright-while a blade will cut them at an angle-this can then cause ingrown hairs. In my experience, the best electric razor is a Norelco. If you prefer the linear type (Braun, Remington, etc.) the best is a little known brand called Wahl-they are cheap but very noisey.

We have always had success with Braun.
You might need to buy a replacement shaver head every once in awhile, but they are fairly powerful little machines that work for years and years. We both use it and will only need to buy a new one every 6 years or so, tops.
(BTW, the newer models generally are better every time we buy one, so it appears they really do work on improving their quality as technology advances.)

edit: Do NOT buy the models with the self-cleaning gizmo…the fluid costs a lot and it really doesn’t help all that much. Just do some slight cleaning on your own every once in awhile and save the extra cost of that feature.)

There is no electric razor that will shave my neck.