What is the best place for planespotting at SFO?

I’ve always been interested in watching planes take off and landing and was wondering if anyone can tell me the best place near SFO to do this? I’d like to be as close as I can.

The long term parking lot is right under the take off path of one of the runways. You can sit there and see 747 take off from the under side.
You can also hear a ton of car alarms as each plane takes off and know that some people are coming back to dead batteries. :smiley:

Yep - back of the lot is best, but you’ll have to pay when you leave.

There’s also a dedicated parking lot for watching the planes at SFO. Take Millbrae exit East, take a left when it dead ends, then a right into the lot. Free the last time I was there.

If you don’t need to be near your car, you could just take the shuttle bus into and out of the lot for free. (To get the shuttle bus you have to go to the airport first — ridiculously the monorail doesn’t go all the way out.) Also make sure you go to the lot closer to the field, not the one with the parking structure. If you come off 380, go right (south) first and then left at the light; if you come from San Bruno Ave, go straight (actually I think you sort of veer right or something like that) at the light.
But I think the Millbrae side may be better anyway if it’s still as accessible.

Has anyone ever been out in a boat to see it? I wonder how close you can get that way.