what is the best small town festival ?

what is the best festival in a small town by small town i mean a town with a population under 15,000?

These are some of the best:

The St. George Grits festival:

The Salley Chitlin Strut:

The Irmo Okra Strut:

All are excellent, although the Chitlin Strut has had some financial problems, and unfortunately is in jeopardy.:frowning:

Why the Manchester Chicken Broil, of course.

(Manchester, MI)

That would be the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

(crud…it was that small 5 years ago, now I’m not so sure…)

Pumpkin Fest - Sycamore, IL

Turkey Testicle Festival - Byron, IL


Fantasy Festival - Key West, FL

(WARNING: Female body art)

Pumpkin Chunkin - Lewes DE

The Heeney Tick Festival


Autumn Leaf Festival - Clarion, Pennsylvania


MONAHANS, TX:: Butterfield-Overland Stagecoach & Wagon Festival Kicks off with a parade and includes bull rides, vendors, static display of wagons, trail ride, barbeque, street dance and live band, kids games, turtle races, washer tossin’ & horseshoe pitching contests, side walk chalk drawing contest and talent contest.

With turtle races how can it not be the best?

Eighty-Niner’s Day in Guthrie, OK, celebrating what may be the biggest Indian land theft in US history! Hey, I should know, I grew up there …

Mule Day – Columbia TN

There’s several small towns in Wisconsin that have Corn Fests around the end of August. Something like $2.00 admission and all the corn on the cob you can eat.

I love the Corn Fests.

Big corn fest in DeKalb, IL in August too.

Burgoo festival – Utica, IL

Tater Day!

Benton, KY, beginning of April.

Byron Bay Blues Festival population 9,000.

The Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin City, KS.