What is the best way to gain weight?? (2 questions)

This is GQ, so I’ll answer first factually. Eat lots of calories every single day, even when stressed. High calorie food is cheap and easy to find at fast food restaurants and vending machines. Weight gain supplements can be found at drugstores and GNC stores. Her doctor can also provide a list of high calorie foods, and can prescribe supplements if necessary.

Now, as someone who is female, tall, and thin, please let me share my experience.

I am 5’10” and weighed between 100 and 110 pounds until I was 33. When I was a teenager I consulted my family doctor for advice, ate everything in sight, tried nutritional and weight gain supplements, and ate tons of junk food. I have always been fairly active, and though I was thin, I had no trouble competing in 10k races, swimming, or in ballet. I was healthy and strong at that weight, and I never missed a period. I didn’t need to gain weight; I wanted to gain weight in order to stop the constant comments from friends and strangers. Those comments bothered me a lot when I was younger, but with every passing year I cared less about other people’s opinions.

At 37, I weigh 125-130. Still nothing wrong with me, still active, still eating quite a bit more than most people expect. According to the frequency of comments I get from pushy strangers, I’m apparently still too thin. After 25+ years of unsolicited opinions, I still don’t care. Some people are thin, some are thick, some are in between. If we all looked alike, then who would be left to criticize?

If your girlfriend is happy and healthy, there is no need to push her to gain weight, and unless you suspect an illness or eating disorder, there is no reason that she *must * try to gain weight. If she has IBS, then she is already under a doctor’s care, and how much she weighs is no one’s business but her own. Please don’t give her a hard time about being thin. Lots of 17 year olds are thin. She is still growing, and her body is still changing. There are bigger and better things to focus on at that age.

As far as the wrinkles under her eyes, does anyone else in her family have wrinkles around their eyes? Maybe a common trait for her family? If not, does she have allergies and often rub itchy eyes? Lots of moisturizers for the eye area claim to plump up the area under the eye in order to give a smooth appearance. Here is a link to Sephora, and a list of under-eye creams in order of customer rating.

Her doctor did give her advice…none of which worked; hence my turning to this board.

Have her start a weightlifting regimen. The exercise will build muscle, and it will make her hungry. It also makes you feel and look good.

It is also full of preservatives, additives, saturated fats and empty calories. Someone who is severly underwieght can use all the calories they can get; but that stuff is a prescription for FAT gain, not good lean weight gain.

Whoah!!! Your girlfriend should be put in a lab and studied so that a cure for obesity can be found! I think she would be worth a couple billion to a drug company. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I’ll be serious now. The first thing I recommend you do is measure the body fat percentage of your girlfriend using one of those electronic body fat scales or better yet, go to a lab and do the water tank test. See if she has a healthy body fat percentage so you’ll know better if there is a health issue / eating disorder. Electronic body fat scales are inexpensive and can be found at many drug stores or supermarkets.

For me, I easily gained 20lbs in two months one summer. Nearly each day, I went to the local super market and bought a couple of 1 kg apple pies or a couple of boxes of 24 freshly baked cookies from the bakery. I then proceeded to eat all that along with what I eat normally. I also did a bit of weight lifting during that time but nothing too intense. Those pies and cookies are packed with calories. Try doing this and not gain weight. :dubious:

If your girlfriend does this, she’ll also experience sensational bowel movements every few days.

Just be careful to keep your girlfriend from developing an addiction to pies and cookies or you’ll come back to this board and ask for advice on how to get your girlfriend to lose weight. :smack:

Not using contraception and “cheating” at sex are a near certain way for a girl to gain weight.

Obviously not.

She wants to gain weight, so im just trying to help her. The wrinkles are very deep, which concerns me…which is why im thinking it may be the weight loss. She used to rub her eyes because of alergies. Im guessing seeing a dermatologist is the only cure for that…
(creams dont work)

Don’t open another thread in General Questions about you and your girlfriend. This has gone on long enough.

Take all of your medical issues to her doctor. Period. You’ve gotten plenty of opinions and advice here. Don’t rely on all of it.

We’re not a medical help forum. No way.

Maybe she’ll gain weight when you go to college, removing some of the stress from her life. If she doesn’t, tell her to ask her parents to take her back to a qualified medical practitioner.

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