What is the best way to gain weight?? (2 questions)

Over the past couple years my girlfriend has lost a considerable amount of weight. She wavers around a little less than 100 pounds and she has a hard time gaining weight. She is 5’ 7" and almost 18 years old. Shes been to doctors and there is nothing health-wise wrong with her that would prevent her from gaining weight. What would be the best way for her to gain weight?? Im just wondering if theres anything other than the obvious things.(like eating a lot, eating protein, etc.)

She also has wrinkles under her eyes which leads to another question: Can losing weight cause there to be significant loose skin in areas like under the eyes?? Her doctor said that gaining weight will eliminate the loose skin under her eyes, but im skeptical.

Any information or opinion is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The best way to gain weight?

Turn 40.

Why is she losing?

Assuming that whatever issues caused her to lose weight in the first place are taken care of, she really does need to just eat a lot. It’s vitally important that she keep a food log while she’s doing this–I’ve seen too many people believe that they’re eating a lot when they’re not, and the log will keep her honest.

5’7 and a weight of 100 is a BMI of about 15.7. And yet you claimed your girlfriend got her period last month (after your pregnancy scare). It seems really unlikely that anyone as underweight as your girlfriend could still be menstruating.



I struggled with this myself. (I’m male though) When I graduated Highschool, I was 5 5’ and weighed about 110 lbs. Now at 27 I’m 5 7’ and 155 lbs. I’ve got a few tips on what worked for me. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice, see your doctor before starting any work-out rountine,blah blah blah etc.

You must eat at least 3 meals a day. This really really works. If she doesn’t feel like eating in the morning, I reccomend high protein Boost (tastes like yoohoo), or a product called Take-A-Shot. Both are high in protein and have little volume to swallow. Having that in her system for 20 min or so will prime her tummy to want to nibble earlier.

You must consume at least 1 gram of protein per lb of body weight per day to get good weight gain. Adding a Boost, take-a-shot or other product to meals at this time is helpful.

Count your calories. If she has a fast metabolism like myself she may need to eat 2400 cal or more a day to see any significant gain. Make certain they are good cal, coming from wholesome foods, not junk.

If all else fails, you can make protein shakes up using calf/foal milk replacement formula. :eek: It is so high in fats and proteins you can’t help but gain on it. It tastes terrible and is not intended for human consumption, but it has never made me ill at all.
you are able to purchase this at the equine section of most large Petsmarts.

Remember to excersise properly to avoin unwanted gains in fat. While any gain is good on a very underweight person, it’s better to try to turn a good percentage of the weight into lean muscle.

Well, those are the facts. I want her to gain weight…why would I lie?

She has lost weight for a couple reasons. The main one I think is stress. Secondly she has had many stomach problems over the past year.(ibs, lactose intolerance)

In that case, nix the calf/foal MRP formula. If she has Lactose intolerance that will make her sick as a dog. :smack:

Whey and soy protein only.

I think the basic theory here is to consume more calories than are burned each day?

Okay, you mentioned lactose intolerance.
If she is eating the wrong things, she may be passing more than she’s digesting.
I would suggest testing for food allergies.
Try halting processed foods so you can make sure you’re not eating stuff that uses whey or milk solids to dope the taste.
If it is deemed to be a medical issue, there are medicines that can be prescribed.

Alternatively, marry her. It seems to do the trick for most folks I know.

We’ve been through all that. She knows what food makes her sick. Shes just simply having trouble gaining weight.

Like losing weight, gaining weight is more than just eating more.

Women seldom have trouble adding fat tissue. You want to add muscle mass, vital core muscle especially. Talk to the body builders, and find out about how to add muscles, while you gain pounds. Exercise won’t make you loose weight, if you take in an appropriate amount of calories, and do so with a well balanced diet. Heavily aerobic exercise is probably not going to be enough.

But, unless you know what got you to the weight you are at, any change will be ephemeral. Know thyself.


I guess Im looking for specific types of food or products. I know she needs to consume a lot of calories, and I know exercise is crucial.

Does anyone have anything on the wrinkle issue?

Do you know if she has any psychological issues? You mentioned that she has stress; is that due to the pregnancy scare, or are there other stressors in her life? I’m wildly speculating, but being really skinny, with bags under the eyes, sounds indicative of someone possibly using drugs, or otherwise being self-destructive (bulimic?).

Did her doctor really just tell her to gain weight without providing advice or techinques on how to do so? The previous answers are good (eat healthful food, upping caloric intake, and exercising), as there is no magic solution to weight issues.

All right, this is part of why I’m having such doubts about this question. Your girlfriend is, by your account, dangerously underweight and you’re asking about the wrinkles under her eyes?

Sounds like she isn’t being on the level. I’m always underweight, I just checked a stupid website and I’m about a BMI of 17.5. I’ve been lower probably as low as a 16, I’ve never stopped having periods, but while I look thin, I don’t look sick.

Your eyes are surrounded by some pretty tender tissue and I would think would respond to bulemic activities. The other thing is, while folks say it can be just as hard to gain weight, I’ve found that what I consider to be “hard” for me, is considered “eating” for most people. I’d check around for such items as breath mints, laxatives, etc. If she had a pregnancy scare, there is no telling what she may have ingested to try to make it “not happen.”

She is probably anemic, that is a problem I always have. I am underweight, very low blood pressure, anemic, etc. Get her taking a good multivitamin to take the edge off some of the peripheral issues.

You sound way, way too young to be dealing with the stuff you are dealing with. Let an adult step in and help her. You take a few steps back and allow yourself to grow up the nice way, with time, not trauma.

Keep a food diary, eat double everything.

I wouldnt consider her “dangerously” underweight. And I find it strange that a 17 year old has wrinkles…I was just wondering if its related.