What is the current status of Guam's brown tree snake problem?

Several years back, reports from Guam made it sound as though the place was being completely overrun by the brown tree snake and was close to human uninhabitibility. Wikipedia says the snake population has declined somewhat and is approaching an equilibrium level of 30-50/hectare or 12-20/acre. That still sounds like a helluva lot of snakes, not something I’d be comfortable living around.

Are people there inured to this by now, or are they continuing to further reduce or eradicate this seeming menace?

I left Guam in December 2017, so my information is at least that current. In the developed areas of the island, I never saw a brown tree snake. In the jungle areas (and LOTS of houses are on the edges of the jungle) the brown tree snakes were a common sight. As far as eradication efforts, all I can speak to is Andersen Air Force Base (located on the far north end of Guam), which had traps on every fence and twice-a-year seeding of the jungle on base with acetaminophen-laced rodents (so I was told by the folks that dropped them; I have no personal knowledge of what the dead rodents had in them). These traps were also prevalent on the Navy base on the southern end of the island.