What is the definition of visiting a state?

Not a FQ because I’m sure there would be a ton of different definitions.
Does being in an airport for a connecting flight do it? What if you leave the terminal to get some air?
Does driving without getting out do it? I took I29 from Sioux Falls to Omaha so did I visit Iowa? What about the 15 miles of I15 in Arizona? Or the few yards that Hopkins Rd goes into Pennsylvainia? Would those count as visiting those states?

Hard to define. If you’d ask me if I ever was to Slovenia, I’d say yes, though I only drove through it once when travelling from Croatia to Italy. It was a drive of only about 100 km on Slovenian territory, but we once rested to have a pee/smoke, so my feet touched Slovenian soil. And I remember the scenery, Slovenia is a beautiful country, it’s where the Alps meet the Mediterranean Sea.

Are you sure ?
It appears to have about 10 miles of Adriatic coast …

I didn’t know the exact lenghth of the coastline, but that’s sufficient in my book. I remember driving through the mountains and coming down to the coast within a very short time, but maybe that was already the Italian part of the Adria.

“Visiting” a state, you’d have to have gotten out of the car/terminal and done something. You could say you were “in” a state, but just driving through doesn’t = “visiting.”

Looks nice anyway !
(They have Google street view !!)

Boots on non-airport ground is my definition. As such, I’ve never been to Texas even though I’ve flown through Dallas. I’ve also never visited Singapore or Hong Kong for the same reasons.

Yeah, with the addition of doing at least one “thing” unique to that state, even if it’s a very small thing. I wouldn’t count stopping at an interstate rest station while driving through Iowa, or even eating at a chain restaurant.

But I would count a 15-minute detour to check out a scenic overlook, or making a point of stopping for lunch at a local diner.

If I’m just changing planes in an airport, I don’t consider that to be having been in that state. But if I’m driving through, even if I don’t ever get out of the car, then I would count it.

Too touristy. Does visiting relatives in that state not count? Does conducting business in that state not count?

I’m being specific to the context of driving through a state, not going TO a state.

So playing the slots in the Las Vegas airport during a layover counts as having been to Vegas or not?

Nope, I don’t think the airport counts regardless of what you do there.

Exactly the same. I drove into Poland from easternmost Germany to buy cheap gas and alcohol, and I’m counting it.

But to me, driving through Iowa or whatever on the interstate should count as a visit, because you got to see the state.

I visit relatives in an en route state. Count, or no?

Sure. This is quite literally YMMV territory. To me, “visiting” a state requires destination and intent. I’ve seen quite a lot of middle America from the air but I don’t count any of that. Certainly there’s plenty of grey area, and your definition doesn’t have to be mine.

Do they live in that state? Then that sounds like a unique activity that you can only do in that state. Are you and your relatives both driving through on your way elsewhere, and meeting up next to the vending machines at Rest Stop 17b on the interstate? Then no.

If so, is there a minimum distance? As in the first post, does driving this road count as visiting PA?

I went to Four Corners and stood over the actual seal. Did I just visit all four states?

For some states, driving through is all the visitation I’ve cared to make.

Agree. There was a stopover in Japan when I flew to Singapore. But if someone were to ask me if I’ve ever visited Japan, I would tell them, “No.”

For me, I will claim I have visited a state if I’ve done anything other than just hung out at the airport.