What is the difference between Art Deco and Streamline Moderne?

I gather they are different.

Streamline Moderne is simply a particular style of Art Deco.

I don’t usually complain since it’s an open board and all that, but it’s literally the first piece of information pretty much anywhere it’s described.

Art Deco had ornamentation for the sake of ornamentation. Streamline got rid of most of that and focused more on the basic lines.

You’re quite right. Sorry, [exits, embarrassed].

Ah, fiddlesticks, I can’t stay mad at anyone who brings up my favorite style of architecture!

Art Deco was heavily influenced by Mediterranean and Egyptian styles, incorporating a lot of Cubism and Industrial Age lines, icons and imagery. I’d say Streamline shed a lot of the Egyptian influences and ornamentation and stuck with the broad lines and curves of the machines of the time that “streamlined” the look and style.

I for one am really glad you asked the question! I have passing interest in Art Deco architecture (meaning while I’m passing an example of Art Deco, I’m interested in it) and have never heard of Streamline Moderne before. So, I now know it exists, and discovered a building I really admire here in town is an example of it. So, some ignorance fought! :slight_smile:

I once lived in a flat in a 1930’s art deco block. It did look really stylish (from the outside) but was not great to live in. The Crittall windows were draughty, the rooms odd shapes, and the walls were concrete so no chance of nailing anything and there was little insulation cold or noise from the busy road.

I did have some elderly neighbours who had moved in when the flats were new. Their furniture and decorations were all period and it looked a bit like a film set from Poirot. But I was quite glad to move somewhere warmer and quieter.

So, Streamline Moderne is a subset of Art Deco. Houston Deco calls the styles Art Deco & Art Moderne–and features Houston examples, including some now demolished. A few weekends ago, the MFAH sponsored a Deco Walk downtown–we got to tour the neo-Gothic splendors of the former Gulf Building. The old Municipal Airport Terminal–beyond the scope of that tour–is more streamlined.

The Museum of Fine Arts set up the tour in conjunction with Sculptured in Steel: Art Deco Automobiles & Motorcycles 1929 to 1940. Which ought to be seen by anyone interested in this stuff who can reach Houston through the end of May. Deco Nights: Evenings in the Jazz Age also has some lovely items on display…

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