What is the easiest way to upload and send digital photos?

My “out of town friend” has a digital camera, but not the savy to upload or send me a single shot I need.

[I am going to send him a link to this post.]

Please share “the easiest means” for him to show me a photo… presently in his camera?

Is there possibly, a web site he can go to, to just purge his load?

You will be directing your comments to the guy with the camera.

I thank you in advance for any effort you give to this!

Dear “out of town friend”,

There are many ways to get the picture file to your friend Oldhippy, but I need a bit of information before anything else. So here are some questions for you.

Your camera - What is the make and model? 2. What type of storage media does it use? 3. How do you connect to a computer…does it have a USB cable, or do you have a card reader or ???

Your computer - 1. What is the operating system? 2. Does your computer support USB? 3. What software came with your camera, and did you install it on the computer? 4. What email program do you use…eudora? Outlook express?? or some other?

Your connection to the web - do you use dialup, or cable or DSL?

The answer to these questions will enable us to help you.

Assuming that once the camera is connected, then you have access to the pics simply as another directory on the PC, you might be able to right-click the picture and choose “Send To” and then “Mail Recipient”.

Revtim, the problem with that is that you’d be sending a full-sized picture, no? You’d probably want to compress it a bit before sending it as email.

And if anybody knows of a freeware/shareware program that does that for you in one step and works with any email program, I’d appreciate it.


There are loads of those kind of sites. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the camers thing though.:frowning:

Duh! Camera not camers!

It might already be a mailable size, and if he’s using Win XP it might even prompt him to shrink the pic for him.

The thing with some of those free unlimited use photo sites is they state they can use your photos without your permission. So, there you are watching football on tv & you see your family portrait flash on the screen.

I want to thank you all for your time.

I’m going to pay another friend to go over to his house, and take care of it for me.

That as it turns out…is the easiest way!

Thanks again!