What is the fastest speed you've ever driven a car?

This thread prompted me to ask this question. What is the fastest speed you’ve ever driven a car or have experienced while riding with someone? I’m mostly interested in people just driving regular cars on regular roads (as opposed to race cars on the race track), but if you’re a police officer who’s had to go on a high-speed chase, feel welcome to chime in and share your experiences. Also, I’m not advocating that anyone go out and set his/her own speed record just to get a post in on this thread. I just know that many of us have taken the opportunity to test the limits of our cars when the opportunity has presented itself.

The fastest I’ve ever driven is 100 mph with my Toyota Corolla, which was aided by a hill. I went this distance for about two miles on a straight stretch of interstate highway. It was daytime, but there were no cops or any other cars around. I’ve gotten my current car, A Nissan Sentra up to 95 mph on a straight, flat road. It was about 4:00 AM and I was coming home from my then-girlfriend’s house. Again, there was absolutely nobody on the road when I did this. I only did this for about a half mile since I didn’t want to keep pushing the engine at that speed.

1979 Volkswagen Rabbit: 100mph. Mid-nineties seemed to be the top speed, but there were some hills.

1989 Toyota MR2: I was indicating about 128, but the other guy said he was indicating 135 when I passed him.

Oh, and 100 in the Rabbit was freakin’ scary! Top speed in the MR2 felt comfortable and easy.

A very scary 120+ mph.

In 1993 I was living in Germany and regularly drove the Autobahn between Kassel and Frankfurt. This was in a Honda Civic and I would average around 100-110 mph.

I was constantly being passed.

I hit 130 in my friends modified BMW M coupe on slight uphill grade around midnight in the desert of California.

105-110 mph in a Nissan Sentra on the freeway once. I averaged over 100 mph during most of the long stretches on that strip. Not something I’d do again, particularly since the average speeds on the road over the last couple of years are a lot lower (I go the speed limit these days and still pass a lot of people)–it’s harder to blend in than it was at that time.

140 in my father-in-law’s Corvette two summers ago. Before that, 125 in my Acura Integra (the best car I’ve ever owned - for many reasons other than speed).

Now I’ve got a '91 Jeep Renegade, which I’ve never driven faster than 85 MPH (and never will).

135 in my '70 Plymouth Roadrunner. I think…my eyes were closed.

Almost 100 in a Geo! Now that’s an impressive feat :wink:

My speedometer only goes to 95, and it was slightly past that, thus my exact speed is anyone’s guess :stuck_out_tongue:

185 kph in my 1992 voyager…fast enough that the fold in side mirrors wanted to fold in :smiley:

My Matrix has only reached 180 kph but this summer I plan on reaching it’s max top speed of 236 kph (135 mph I think it is), drag limited. Good thing the stock tires are ZR rated for 260 kph :smiley:

My friend brought his new WRX up to 215 (125-ish mph).

I once got my 88 Camry up to 120 with five miles of mostly straight road and no traffic whatsoever. It was rattling and shaking like a bat out of hell. My current car has a regulator that kicks in at 100 or so, so “100 or so”.

Ferrari Spider that I awas a passanger in. When I was driver I never took it out of first… and that was only around a block. I got dropped off in Liege, Belgium after a highway spped that hit 300+km/h.

I have also riden shotgun (again in Europe) with a friend that was a rally driver. He got that Renault up to crazy speeds on roads that weren’t wider than he car. That was scary, yet exhilerating.

Fastest I have ever driven myself is about 180km/h in a 94 Saturn.

135-and-then-something in my Acura Integra. Wooooooo! Winston Smith I agree - what a car!

'Cept I was on a freeway in Virginia. Very bad idea.

I was only doing 88 by the time I got pulled over by a State Trooper, but this still cost me $800 in fines and I was ‘arrested’, though released immediately. He told me if I’d have been clocked at 90 I’d have spent the night with Bubba in the local lockup. If I’d have been clocked at the previous speed, I might have spent 6 months in jail. Needless to say, my cruise control ws locked on at 64mph for the rest of the journey to Tennessee.

About 147 in my 455 CID '73 Riviera. Took the needle past the 140 mark, past the gap and into the dashboard housing.

I’m not sure what my '69 Corvette was doing when I topped it out. The speedometer was acting funny and I know I was doing a fair bit less than the 150 or so it indicated.

Took my fuel injected '80 Kawasaki Z1000 Classic up to 120 or so on a runway at 2:00 am. Can’t find a pic to link to.

I’ve had my '88 560 SL up to about 130 or so and could run my '78 280 Z at around 125 for 25 or 30 minutes at a time. It was probably the toughest of them all.

There’s no good reason other than luck that I’ve lived this long.

I’ve never gone faster than 90mph; I typically drive around 85mph on the highway.

'88 Nissan Sentra - 100 - 110 mph. BTW Greensboro and Raleigh, NC.

Taking a friend’s brother to the train station one afternoon (1pm - 2:30pm). Wasn’t paying attention as my friend and I were playing around, the guy in the backseat was freaking out.

2001 Ford Focus - currently do 75 - 85 mph as my top speed for long hauls, don’t feel the need to go any faster at the moment.

Done 120 on a stock RZ 350 (that is redline in sixth with stock gearing) and somewhere around 130 with a modified one. Done somewhere around 140 on a ZX1100, but not for long.

Do 120+ regularly in the new family car, a BMW 740iL. Lots of wide open space in my neck of the woods, you see. (Hit 100 just about daily when I motor it into work)

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