What is the flower I am thinking of?

I believe there is a real flower that has a striking likeness to a woman’s, ahem, private parts. What is this flower? I can’t remember the name of it.

Lazarus Long said orchids, though he didn’t specify the variety.

Did he? In that case Heinlein must have been joking as orchid comes from a Greek word meaning testicle. However, there is a variety of coco nut called coco de mer that grows on the Seychelles that looks very interesting: http://www.newafrica.com/travel/uniquefeature.asp?countryid=43&maintitleid=2711

With orchids, it’s the roots that often resemble testicles.

Some species in the genus Clitoria, in the pea family (Leguminosae), are very aptly named. There is a species here in Panama with large pink flowers that bear a remarkable resemblance to its namesake.