What is the format of a Bolt Bus e-ticket code?

I know that you can buy tickets at a discounted online price for the “Bolt Bus” line that shuttles between cities in the NorthEast Corridor, from Boston to NYC to Philly, Baltimore and Washington, DC. They email or text message you a code that is then good for use as your ticket when you board. To anyone who has done this before - can you tell me what format this code would be in? letter-letter-number, an 8 or 12 digit string, any hyphens, etc.?

I am not asking for an actual valid ticket code (past, present or future), nor am I intending to somehow counterfeit or bluster my way onto a bus. I am planning a surprise for my wife who is planning on taking such a bus from Boston to NY this evening. She habitually buys these e-tickets with her phone as she arrives at the bus station.

This surprise involves me telling her the bus tickets are completely sold out for today because it’s a holiday long weekend (which is true - I just checked the website), but that I managed to get her the last ticket for a later bus than she was planning to catch (like 8pm), giving her time to meet a mutual friend who lives in Boston for dinner. (The surprise is that I’m going to travel to Boston tonight for this dinner myself :))

Of course in order to pass this story off I have to give her a BoltBus ticket code, the one I supposedly bought, and if I gave her a completely mismatching format it would blow my cover. “ABC12345? No way that’s a BoltBus ticket code!”)

I guess I could drop $15 or something to buy a ticket I won’t use to complete the ruse, but that’s not only a waste of money, it’s possibly bumping someone off the bus who would otherwise get on.

Can anybody help? (I trust asking for a ticket code format, and not actual ticket code values, is OK for this board?)

You know what, I just bought a ticket for a future date when I know she’ll need a return ticket - saves her from legitimately being exposed to this problem in another 4 weeks, while providing me with a BoltBus code to feed her for tonight.

So never mind. I’ll answer my own question later if a mod deems it appropriate, otherwise this thread can just be locked.