What Is The Funniest Show On Tv?

I know it’s too subjective to definitively name one funniest show- what cracks me up might make you roll your eyes, but maybe we can come up with a handful that could qualify, at least.

For me, I’d have to say that the one show that makes me laugh the most consistently, pretty much throughout the whole show every single time, is * Family Guy*. I don’t know what that says about me, other than that I may have the sense of humor of a 14 year-old boy, but that’s my vote.

What’s yours?

Let’s do try to keep it to shows that are currently on, to simplify the process. I did not do a poll due to the potential numbers of different responses, but if we can come up with a handful to nominate, I could do a poll on those choices.

The one show that almost always cracks me up is Top Gear. I don’t know, maybe it’s the combination of understated British humor and sheer insanity, but I can’t count how many times the show has struck me speechless with laughter, especially during the challenges and the specials.

I think I laugh the hardest at the British quiz/comedy/panel show QI.

I guess I’m uncultured, but I don’t watch many of them there British shows… although, I do think Absolutely Fabulous was absolutely fabulous.

The Office or 30 Rock usually make me laugh out loud at least once per episode, but I never watch them any more. I’ve got the attention span of a 15 month old right now. But my husband and I used to watch them together every week and just laugh and laugh. Maybe that’s why I don’t watch them any more. :frowning:

The Office makes me laugh a lot, but also makes me uncomfortable a lot. I agree that both The Office and 30 Rock are possible contenders, though- very funny shows.

Big Bang Theory is the most consistent laugh-getter for me.

Another vote for 30 Rock. It’s not necessarily the best or the most intelligent, but I don’t think I’ve ever not laughed out loud during an episode. Community is also a contender.

The Daily Show is almost always funny as hell.

The Office will still get a couple of outward laughs out of me, but when I think about it, and show that gets the most laughs from me is Psych. A lot of corny humor, but damn is it ever a funny show.

Also, it has the best theme song.

As far as current shows go, both Community and Modern Family are the best, although both have a lot of understated, dry humor, but it is often interspersed with broad farce or even pratfalls.

The Office always has some funny stand-alone lines, but the characters do absolutely nothing for me, they are only there to deliver the occasional humorous aside.

My top 3:

  • Reruns of I Love Lucy from the 1950’s.
  • Reruns of Are You Being Served from the 1970’s & early 1980’s.
  • Reruns of Fawlty Towers from 1975-1979.

Nothing in the past third of century makes my list at all.

Robot Chicken

This. Plus Parks and Rec.

I’d say Big Bang Theory or Community give me the most laughs. But I do enjoy The Office and Parks & Recreation. Yeah, Thursday night is a laugh bonanza for me.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelpia is king of laughs for me now. The Junkyard Cat episode is possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on TV.

Parks & Rec keeps getting mentioned. I thought the show was HORRID when I first watched. Can anyone recommend a GOOD ep to try?

Thirded. Neither of these shows have had to resort to their characters becoming caricatures of themselves. With fewer characters, there is much more time for character development.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or Community, right now, with 30 Rock right up there.

It started off very slowly before they found the chemistry. Try the Christmas episode for just an awesome set of cameos and great lines set inside a tight story.
I think they are modeling it more after the British “Coupling” storylines- where there is a theme which runs through the episode and that theme affects the characters all differently until a final scene of comprehension for everyone. This week’s episode theme was people trying to be what they are not: Britta being funny, Shirley and Annie being bad-asses, Pierce being magical.

Anything from the second season. The first season was horrid. Fortunately, TPTB saw they had the fundamentals of a great show there and started all over again. Same cast, same premise, but this time it’s funny.

ETA: Disheavel, I think you’re talking about Community.