What is the general consensus on the upcoming GI Joe movie?

The thing is still over a year away, but I am really looking forward to this film.

I have a HUGE nostalgic crush on this franchise. Like many thirty-somethings, I came to comics and geekdom through this comic book. The toys were always my favorite action figures.

Here’s the Wikipedia listing.

Here’s some promo pics.

The cast looks respectable.

From wiki:

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I can’t complain with any of the choices. There are a few real actors in the bunch, which makes me hope that they will play it as a straight action/adventure flick in the vein of Transformers and X-Men. Not campy (I worry because the photos recall Van Damme’s “Street Fighter” film!)

Ray Parks as Snake-eyes was the only possible choice! I know that he won’t be the downfall of the film.

What I don’t get is the characters they used. Why isn’t Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje playing “Roadblock”? Roadblock was a much more significant character than Heavy Duty.

I was also surprised Stalker wasn’t in the film. Just looking at the racial composition of the casting (not a big issue for me), I would have thought Wayans would have been Stalker.

I don’t know much about Rachel Nichols, but she looks the part.

And I like the inclusion of Dennis Quaid. We share a birthday, a hometown, and the same alma mater.
I am very nervous about the adaptation. It could suck monkey ass. This would hurt, as I have been waiting on an adaptation so long that Dennis Quaid would have probably been cast to play the rookie instead of the general!

I’m allowing myself to be cautiously optimistic, however, based on the success of Transformers (didn’t think they could pull that one off).

How come there’s no G.I Joe listed in any of that cast? Who’s playing G.I. Joe?

Dirk Richter was original cast. Unfortunately, he’s 73 years old and he’s dead.

Sounds cool, but I sort of wish they’d do a G.I. Joe around the 70’s “Adventure Team” theme.

Ok, I’m confused. I don’t know anything about the cartoon, so all those other characters are new to me. All I know about G.I. Joe is the doll I had when I was like 5. Are you saying that this G.I. Joe movie does not have G.I. Joe in it? I don’t understand.

In the 1980s, GI Joe went from being one dude to being a group of dudes and a few dudettes. The group is called GI Joe and each member of the group has a code name, like Hawk, Duke, Flint, etc.

The 1980’s version of G.I. Joe was an elite team of soldiers, code named “G.I. Joe.” G.I. Joe was the team, not any one soldier.

Its based on the 80s cartoons/toy line. There was no “g.i. joe” figure for that era.

I thought you were being funny, so I tried to return the funny.

See the later comments by others for an explanation.

Except that in later issues, it was revealed that there was an original “G.I. Joe” who was now known as General Joe Colton.

The only thing I’m wondering is whethery they wussified it.

G.I. Joe has nothing to do with some “multinational task force of peacekeepers stationed in Brussels” which was how the film as originally going to be. It was claimed they changed it - as it should be. It’s really hard to claim GI Joe has nothing to do with America, and frankly, it was racially diverse right from the get-go. (Shipwreck is still my hero!) Heck, they didn’t take orders rfom anyone, and certainly not the weak-kneeded EU or the UN which is half run by Cobra’s clients.

Ah, missed those.

I am very very excited for this movie. Which is strange since I was always a Transformers man.

Isn’t he like 22 or something? I know there’s a mask and all, but that will be hard for me to accept. And besides Cobra Commander needs to be over the top, but still have presence. Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, and, Walken are some of the few who can pull that off, I just don’t see it from Gordon-Levitt.

They hired a fashion model to play Cover Girl. How appropriate.

Dennis Quaid rocks. I’m ambivalent about GI Joe, but I really like him. I might go see it. The only other name I recognize is Marlon Wayans, unfortunately.

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You do not need the word “general” in your thread title. “Consensus” implies generality.

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As to the movie, I see horrible, horrible things in store for it and am already plotting my preemptive revenge.

I got a kick out of watching the 80s cartoon where both the good guys and bad guys had massive firepower with guns and missles but no one was ever shot or killed. If a plane got hit by a missle they always showed the pilot paratrooping to the ground. Two opponents would run at eachother machine guns a blazin never hitting a thing and when they eventually were a couple yards from eachother dropped their guns and went fist to fist.
Pretty clever to make a kids show where no one got shot or blown up even though they were all armed to the hilt.

He’s 27. But I think his relative youthfulness could be an asset – I mean, Cobra Commander was such a petulant little twerp. Casting someone with too much presence would just make him your basic bad guy.

The comic book was much different. Much death and chaos. I remember when Storm Shadow turned on Cobra and attacked Springfield, there were panels of arrows sticking out of the chests of Cobra troopers.

Larry Hama was the writer of every issue of the original series, and he is the creative consultant brought on board to make sure the movie was closer to the comic.