What is the health plan for families of ex Vice Presidents?

Honest question, I’ve never thought to look into it. And this isn’t trolling, just wondering details. I keep seeing ads from Biden with him, speaking (it just happened to play again while writing this) that he promises if elected to take care of my health care the same as he would his own family.

Does anyone know what health care benefits his family has? Note he doesn’t say his benefits. And yes I know Pence has a family that will, I assume, have the same level of care. For the sake of simplicity I’m not looking for comparisons to Senator, Rep, etc info.

Please don’t turn this into a political debate. I really want to know what coverage he’s offering so I can compare it to what I have.

Thanks in advance

This story from the L.A. Times has at least a partial summary of the situation for the president, and notes that the president’s primary health care (as well as that of the vice-president, and their families) is covered by the White House Medical Unit, at no cost to him. The medical unit is essentially a fully-staffed urgent care center, on the White House grounds.

The article notes that the president (and, I assume, the vice-president and their families) would need private insurance if they sought treatment at a private hospital, but they also have access to military hospitals for anything that can’t be covered at the White House unit (typically, this means Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda).

It also notes that members of Congress have access to similar levels of medical care, from the Office of the Attending Physician in the U.S. Capitol, for a fee of $600 per year.

All of that being said, the article doesn’t touch on what former presidents and vice-presidents get. I imagine that Biden no longer has access to the White House Medical Center, but I suspect that he does continue to have access to something like the Congressional plan.

I presume all former presidents and veeps are over sixty-five and so on Medicare just liked everyone else.

You presume wrong, Obama is 59.

There’s absolutely no way an ex-VP is on standard Medicaid. Don’t care about age or party, it’s not the standard coverage that traditional Medicare offers.

Though there might be a difference for a President.

Upon reflection I realized Biden actually said that when elected, he promised that your family will be taken care of the same as his. So I guess I’m asking what the family of a sitting President’s family gets for health care.

Premiums, deductables, co-pays, limits on tests? I’ve been fighting for a test for hemachromatosis for a year. Would that be covered if I had his coverage that he promised?

See my post above. The sitting president and his family have access to a top-notch urgent care center located within the White House, at no cost to them, and if more extensive care is needed, they have access to military hospitals.

What was the exact, word-for-word quote that Biden said?

I’m looking it up. It’s one of many ads from both sides shown on Pluto and other platforms. I’ll likely have to wait and record it on the phone for the direct quote word for word. But I’ll have it.

For what it’s worth, this is what the DNC’s 2020 platform says about their plans for health care:

It’s in a PDF, downloaded from here. “CMS,” by the way, is the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services, the federal agency which administers those programs.

Ok, it just came on again and I recorded it. Not sure if I can post it but here’s the quote from him.

He’s on camera saying this so there’s no editing.

“This is my promise to you. When I’m President, I will take care of your health care coverage and your family the same way I would my own. I’m Joe Biden, and I approve this message.”

I can send the video if needed.

He said I get the same coverage his family gets. Pretty clear promise and I’ll vote for him if true

No, not exactly that. He said, as you quoted: “I will take care of your health care coverage and the same way I would my own.” He did not say, “I will give your family the same health care coverage that my own family receives.”

You may want the latter (I mean, hell, who wouldn’t??), but that isn’t actually what he said, and if you believe that that’s what he meant, you’re in for disappointment.

And, please note, I say this as a liberal, and someone who, due to my job, knows a lot about how the U.S. health insurance company works. The president and their family receive, in essence, ultra-platinum-level employer-provided healthcare, at no cost to them, as a fringe benefit of the president’s job. There is simply no way that that is what he is literally promising to every American.

I botched your quote of Biden. It should have been, “I will take care of your health care coverage and your family the same way I would my own.”

What I think he’s saying is this: “Just as I want to make sure my family gets the health care that they need, when they need it, I’m going to make sure that everyone in America can get health insurance, and not being able to afford the premium should not stand in the way of getting health insurance.”

How is that not what he said? He said he’ll take care of my coverage the same as he would for his family. That seems pretty succinct. I’m not trying to argue with you but I don’t see a lot of wriggle room there.

All I can tell you is that “in the same way” does not, literally, mean, “getting the exact same coverage.” If you believe otherwise, more power to you, but I will guarantee you that it was not the intent behind the statement.

And if he can I’ll campaign and vote for him. This coming from someone completely done with trusting government as stated in other threads.

I won’t hijack my own thread with political debate. I appreciate the info so far.

If you haven’t already done so, read the DNC platform statement (which I quoted earlier) on their plans for universal health insurance. I’m pretty certain that that is what Biden would be trying to establish.

Yes, I know semantics are a huge part of campaigning. I knew right off he probably meant what he’d do if he had a run-of-the-mill health plan working 9-5. But most people won’t see that.

Anyway, thanks for the info.

BTW, I just saw a Biden ad during an NFL game, which was specifically about health insurance. It closed with Biden saying, “We have to build on what we did [referring to Obamacare], because every American deserves affordable healthcare.”

Whatever he may or may not have promised, remember we Americans can only get what Congress passes.

BTW going back to the thread title, “health plan for families of ex-Vice-Presidents”. Unlike the POTUS, the former VP does not get an automatic lifetime benefit for having been VP per-se; but as titular President of the Senate they vest benefits like Senators would if they choose to participate in the retirement program. So in the case of Biden, he technically could, if he chose, get whatever the topmost Health Plan available under his Senate pension (having been a Senator forever and then spent 8 years as VP he’d likely have the max pension which would be 80% of his highest salary, so in the 190K-ish range), plus whatever more he wishes to pay for out of pocket since Joe and Dr. Jill are financially comfortable.